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For Cookie Sellers

It's cookie time! The 2019-20 Girl Scout Cookie Program kicked off on Tuesday, December 3. Girls can choose to sell by booth sale, walkabouts, online, and more—the cookie experience is customizable to your troop's experience and goals.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is so much fun and the cookies are delicious, but the best part is the opportunity for girls to build new skills and fund their dreams and adventures. 

Videos and Training Webinars

Program Videos:

What Girls Learn in the Girl Scout Cookie Program

Live Prep Talks:

Click on a time slot below at the specific time listed to join a live webinar.

Wednesday, December 11
12 PM–1 PM7 PM–8 PM
Cookie Program Review, Smart Cookies–ACH Review, Planned Order Entry, Booth Sales Review (Booth Sale Divider/Town specific/COBS/Viewing Reservations), General Q&A

Monday, January 13
12 PM–1 PM7 PM–8 PM
ACH Review (Pre-notes/Cut-offs/Amounts due/Nonfictions/Bank Info Review), Virtual Cookie Share, Reports Overview, Inventory Tracking, General Q&A

Thursday, February 27
12 PM–1 PM7 PM–8 PM
Troop to Girl Transfers, Troop On-Hand Inventory/Allocating Packages, Recognition Orders: Create/Edit/View/Save, General Q&A

Recorded Prep Talks:

Cookie Live Prep Talk Recording (11/12)

Smart Cookies Training Webinars:

Entering a Planned Order
Troop to Girl Transfer
Scheduling a Booth Sale: Lottery
Scheduling a Booth Sale: Troop Secured
Scheduling a Booth Sale: First-Come, First-Served
Sharing Booth Sale Info via Social Media
Booth Sale Credit Card Payments—Girl Role
Booth Sale Credit Card Payments—Troop Cookie Coordinator Role
Running Reports
Manage Orders
Virtual Cookie Shares: Electronic Cookies for a Cause Donations
Creating a Recognition Order
Girl Online: The Girls Dashboard
Girl Online: Managing Girl Contacts for E-Cards
Girl Online: Sending E-Card Invitations
Girl Online: Viewing E-Card Orders
Booth Sale Credit Card Payments—Girl Role
Booth Sale Credit Card Payments—Troop Cookie Coordinator Role

Resources and Forms
Weekly Cookie Emails to Volunteers

It's Cookie Time! (November 10, 2019)

Cookie cupboards open 12/3 (December 1, 2019)

Ingredients, Nutritional Value, and Allergen Information for Girl Scout Cookies

Ingredients, nutritional value, and allergen information is clearly listed on both the cookie package and the cookie order form. You can also find the information on our Meet the Cookies webpage.

ABC Bakers has not made any recipe changes from last season, and its manufacturing processes remain the same. Because the FDA’s labeling updates were mandated to go into effect this season, the regulatory team at the company that owns ABC Bakers added the optional "may contain" statements to all packages to ensure transparency about any allergens that may be present in the bakery where your favorite Girl Scout Cookies are made. For more information, visit the baker’s website: ABC Bakers.

With special regard for allergen concerns, our baker bakes Girl Scout Cookies in state-of-the-art facilities, and consumers can be assured that every required safety protocol is adhered to in order to prevent cross-contamination of ingredients.