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For Cookie Sellers

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is so much fun and the cookies are delicious, but the best part is the opportunity for Girl Scouts to build new skills and fund their dreams and adventures.

Girl Scout troops can pick up extra online sales and cookie donations through GSEMA’s Cookie Connector. The Cookie Connector does exactly as it’s name implies: connects customers who do not have a connection to a Girl Scout with cookies.

Submit your Smart Cookies troop link today, and get promoted in the Cookie Connector.

Council Organized Booth Sales

GSEMA organizes booth sales, called Council-Organized Booth Sales (COBS), to increase opportunities for troops and Girl Scouts to meet their sales goals. Due to their popularity, COBS are available by lottery. COBS include MBTA stops, mall kiosks, and other miscellaneous locations.

There are two lotteries for COBS: one in December for January COBS and one in January for February and March COBS. MBTA COBS and Mall COBS will be included in each lottery. TCC must submit a Primary MBTA COBS Contact Form prior to the lottery in order to be entered to win a MBTA lottery.

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New Volunteers/Families to Cookie Program

For troops, here are some ways to help guide you through the program:

  1. Know your Service Unit Cookie Mentor, a local volunteer expert or reach out to if you’re not sure who that is
  2. Start by reading and reviewing the Cookie Rookie Reference Guide (found in the Cookie Book) & the Smart Cookies Database Guide for Troops
  3. Have your Quick Bites  handy. It’s your go-to program guide at a glance.
  4. Join our Prep Talks! These are live online sessions with GSEMA to guide you through the program. Dates below
  5. Make sure you’re opted-in to GSEMA emails for our weekly Cookie emails to stay updated
  6. Join Team App for up-to-minute program updates like cookie cupboard closures and peer networking for program tips

For caregivers, here are some ways to help support your Girl Scout:

  1. Start with the family guide 
  2. Use the Smart Cookies Database Guide for Girl Scouts and Caregivers to help with things like girl delivery orders, tracking sales and info
  3. Cheer on your Girl Scouts as they set and reach their goals! 
Prep Talks (live)

Join GSEMA staff and volunteers online to learn more about this year's cookie program! Prep talks are held via Zoom and you can join by using this link:  

November 10: Troop Prep Talk (Run Time: 1:08:21)

December 5: Troop Prep Talk (Run Time: 57:34)

January 12: Troop Prep Talk (Run Time: 49:51)

February 28: Troop Prep Talk (Run Time: 53:42)

Prep Talks for First-Time Cookie Volunteers (live)

The target audience is for volunteers with 0-1 years of Cookie Program experience.

We’d like to invite our new Cookie Program volunteers to walk through the Cookie Program with us! Each session will include introductory level updates and live Smart Cookies processes with open ended Q&A with the Product Program Team. Welcome to the Cookie Program! Use this link to join:

November 16: Prep Talk for 1st-Time Volunteers (Run Time: 1:18:10)

December 5: Prep Talk for 1st-Time Volunteers (Run Time: 1:17:25)

January 12: Prep Talk for 1st-Time Volunteers (Run Time: 59:45) 

February 28: Prep Talk for 1st-Time Volunteers (Run Time: 1:06:13) 

Printable Tools for 2022-23
Raspberry Rally FAQs
Resources and Forms
Training Videos
Weekly Cookie Emails to Volunteers

Questions about the Cookie Program? Your Service Unit Cookie Mentor is your local volunteer expert, and can assist you throughout the program. If you need to be introduced to your mentor, please email us.

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