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Renew your Girl Scout membership today to earn special early bird incentives as our thank you for keeping the fun going. 

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How-to Resources

Renew Girl Scouts and Family Members

Download a step-by-step guide.

  1. Click the "Renew Now" button above to log into your My GS account. 
  2. Click "My Account" and choose "My Household". 
  3. Select participation(s). 
  4. Confirm member details.
  5. Choose membership year. 
  6. Choose payment type.
  7. Submit member details.
  8. Review cart and accept the Girl Scout Promise & Law.
  9. Add payment details and submit payment.
Technical Support

If you need technical support to renew your Girl Scout, family, or troop in our updated membership system, please refer to the videos and step-by-step guides below. 

Family Renewal

Troop Renewal

Adding a new troop member? Send them a one-time custom link to register directly into your troop!

  1. Log into MyGS
  2. Select My Account
  3. Select your troop from the Menu on the left-hand side of the screen
  4. Scroll to the very bottom of the troop roster
  5. Select “Invite a friend to join your troop”
  6. Enter email address of parent/guardian

Once they complete the registration process, the new troop member will be registered and active on your troop roster!

Troop Leadership Change

If your troop is changing leadership next year, the Transitioning to Leadership video will provide expectations and next steps for incoming leaders. If you have any questions or need support, please contact our Customer Care team to be connected with your local volunteer support specialist.

Troop Bridging to the Next Level

What is bridging?

Watch or listen to a 20-minute Take 5 episode on what Girl Scout bridging is.

Virtual Bridging Ceremonies

With members staying home to stay safe this spring, we wanted to share some creative ideas to help you celebrate the girls in your troop or service unit bridging to the next Girl Scout level. You can also watch or listen to our 15-minute Take 5 episode on creative virtual bridging ceremony ideas.

  1. Format: Consider hosting a live virtual event (using Zoom or another platform), a pre-recorded video that can be shared among troop members, or postponing your celebration to the fall for a more traditional in-person event.
  2. What you need: Girl Scout bridging ceremonies have a few basic elements:
    • Opening: Set the context of what bridging is and why it’s important.
    • Main section: Girls, whether physically or symbolically, cross a bridge and are welcomed to the next Girl Scout level.
    • Closing: Reflect on what has happened and move forward together as Girl Scouts.
  3. The rest is up to the girls! Let your girls get creative with how they’d like to celebrate—this is the fun part! 

2020 Creative Bridging Ideas

Here are some ideas to spark your girls' creativity from other Girl Scouts around our movement. 

  • A “red carpet” bridging, where each girls get to walk under a balloon rainbow, take pictures, and feel like a super star. Families schedule individual slots, and a designated volunteer helps ensure safety protocols are being followed.
  • A drive-thru ceremony in a safe location, where each girl can get cheers from her troop leaders. Families schedule individual slots, and a designated volunteer helps ensure safety protocols are being followed.
  • Have girls make bridges at home out of pillows, stuffed animals, or anything else girls can safely walk across.
  • Put girls' engineering skills to work to create bridges from scrap wood or sticks in the backyard.
  • Take a virtual tour of a famous bridge and walk across it together (local examples include the Sagamore, Bourne, Zakim, and Tobin Bridges).
  • In lieu of a closing Friendship Squeeze, girls could learn and perform a new song (like the Brownie Smile Song, for Daisies bridging up).
  • Create a YouTube Live Stream video compilation of girls bridging individually, then combine these into one video with a slideshow of pictures from the bridging troops. (idea submitted by the Acton/Boxborough Service Unit.)
  • Contact your local cable access channel and let them know about your bridging Girl Scouts, especially high school seniors. 

Have an idea to share or want help brainstorming? Let us know!

Bridging to Brownies

Stepping Up! Daisies to Brownies is a 15-minute video that gives a Daisy Leader who is moving up to Brownies an overview of Brownie meetings, troop year, Brownie program, resources, and support.

Learn more about planning your first bridging ceremony! Daisies can engage with older girls, try fun Girl Scout Brownie activities, and share their favorite things about being a Daisy. They can also be part of the bridging ceremony and receive their Bridge to Brownie Awards! 

Bridging to Juniors

Stepping Up! Brownies to Juniors is a 10-minute video that gives a Brownie Leader who is moving up to Juniors an overview of how troop meetings and the girl-led experience shift at this program level.

To help guide your girls’ transition from Brownies to Juniors, your troop can earn the Bridge to Junior Award by completing two steps: Pass It On! and Look Ahead! More information about these steps can be found in the handbook section of the Brownie Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, and on page 10 of the Girl Scout Bridging Guide.

Bridging to Cadettes, Seniors or Ambassadors

Girls can take the lead in big ways in the oldest program levels. Share the Girl Scout Bridging Guide with them and let them design their own ceremony!

Do your girls want to do big things and improve their community in the process? Girl Scout Highest Awards show future colleges, employers, and the community that your girls are changing the world. Learn more about how you can help them earn the Silver Award or Gold Award!

Bridging to Adults

Her adventure as a Girl Scout alum begins now! Check out our Graduating Girl Scouts page for regalia, certificates of completion, and ways to stay connected to the movement. 

Troop Disbanding

If your troop plans to disband next year or you are unsure about continuing, please let us know. Our volunteer support team would love to talk with you about options for the troop, opportunities for individual girls who wish to continue in Girl Scouts, and alternative membership pathways. Please review the Disbanding Troop Checklist below, and contact Customer Care to be connected with your local volunteer support specialist.

Disbanding Troop Checklist for Volunteers

If your troop is considering not continuing in Girl Scouts, we want to help talk you through all the options available before you disband. Your volunteer support specialist can provide alternatives for keeping the troop together under new leadership, adjust the troop's schedule or activities to better fit troop members' needs, or share other opportunities for Girl Scouts to continue independently.

  • Talk with the Girl Scouts and their families. Share options and provide resources for those that want to continue.
  1. Stay together. Have a troop formation meeting to discuss staying together as a troop with new adult leadership. Share the Transitioning to Leadership video with adults who are interested in leading the troop. For help organizing a troop formation meeting, contact your volunteer support specialist.
  2. Continue independently. Girl Scouts can choose to transfer to other troops, participate independently in the service unit, or attend camp and program events. For more information, contact your volunteer support specialist.
  • Spend down the troop bank account. If the troop is not going to continue, encourage Girl Scouts to celebrate their time together using troop bank account funds they have earned. For strategies on brainstorming, planning, and spending money as a troop, watch the short Financing the Fun! video in gsLearn.
  1. If some troop members remain in Girl Scouts and are placed in new troops, the money left in the disbanded troop treasury should be divided proportionately among the new troop(s) based on the number of Girl Scouts remaining and moving to new troop(s).
  2. If all the troop members leave Girl Scouts, the remaining troop funds will be disbursed to the service unit treasury or GSEMA to be used for new troop start-up funds.
  • Close the troop bank account and complete a final Annual Troop Financial Report. Completing the Annual Troop Financial Report ensures that GSEMA has a final record of troop monies.
  • Retire the troop number. Notify Customer Care when steps 1-4 are complete so GSEMA can retire your troop's number.

For additional assistance, please contact your volunteer support specialist or  or email Customer Care.

2022-23 Membership Options

Annual Membership

The Girl Scout membership year runs from October 1 to September 30. The annual Girl Scout membership fee is $40 for girls and $25 for adults (financial aid is available). The $40 for your membership includes the $25 GSUSA membership fee and the $15 GSEMA Council Service Fee. The Council Service Fee helps to ensure that Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts is able to continue to provide exceptional Girl Scout programming and outstanding volunteer support. There is no service fee for adult members.

Extended Year Membership

The Extended Year Membership opportunity is available to new members. By purchasing an Extended Year Membership, you can participate in Girl Scouts now through September 30, 2023.

The extended year membership fee is $55 for youth and $35 for adults; financial aid is available. The extended year membership fee for youth comprises a $35 GSUSA membership fee and $20 GSEMA Council Service Fee. The Council Service Fee helps GSEMA provide exceptional Girl Scout programming and outstanding volunteer support. There is no service fee for adult members.

Lifetime Membership

A Girl Scout Lifetime Membership costs $400 or, for alums under age 30 and currently registered volunteers with ten or more years of service, the cost is $200. Your lifetime membership donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.  For more information about the benefits of Lifetime Membership, please visit GSUSA’s Lifetime Membership page.

To purchase a Lifetime Membership for yourself or someone in your household, select Lifetime Membership during your registration or renewal process. To gift Lifetime Membership to someone not in your household, please contact us.

For additional renewal support, please contact Customer Care at 844-306-4736 (please leave a message) or