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Two Girl Scouts exploring STEM

Our Program

At Girl Scouts, your girl will empower herself to change the world.

How? Through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience—a collection of engaging, challenging, and fun activities like earning badges and awards, going on awesome trips, selling cookies, exploring science, getting outdoors, and doing community service projects.

At Girl Scouts, she’ll get to lead her own adventure and team up with other girls in an all-girl environment to choose the exciting, hands-on activities that interest her most. Along the way, she’ll gain important skills in four areas that form the foundation of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience:

Grade Levels

Daisies (K-1)

Don’t we all wish we could look at the world through a Girl Scout Daisy’s eyes? Everything they do─from planting a garden to putting on a skit to proudly adding that first petal to their vest─sparkles with that “first time ever” newness! Along the way, they’ll use their Daisy exuberance to help others─and they’ll never forget how that feels. Every Daisy meeting is an adventure filled with giggles, energy and excitement. 

As a Daisy, she might:

  • Gain new friends as part of a troop
  • Earn petals (the special Daisy version of badges earned by older Girl Scouts) as she embraces the Girl Scout Promise and Law
  • Make a difference in her community through a Girl Scout Journey
  • Sell cookies (and have fun doing it)
  • Explore nature and the outdoors

Interested in starting a Girl Scout troop or becoming a leader? Attend an event to learn about troop and other program opportunites for girls in Kindergarten and first grade.

Brownies (2-3)

Girl Scout Brownies are ready to take on the world, and Girl Scouting lets them do just that! They want to learn new things and show off what they know. They want to explore the world and meet new people. And they want to do something big that makes them feel great!

They get to do all these things and more in Girl Scouts: take that first hike in the great outdoors; visit a science museum; band together as a mighty Brownie team to sell cookies; and use some of the money to help others. Life is good when you’re a Brownie! 

As a Brownie, she might:

  • Expand her circle of friends in a troop
  • Have fun learning all kinds of new skills as she earns badges
  • Do a project that makes a difference in her community (and beyond) as part of a Girl Scout Journey
  • Bond with her friends as she sells cookies
  • Explore nature and the outdoors
Juniors (4-5)

Girl Scout Juniors are explorers when they go camping for the first time. They’re CEOs when they market and sell cookies. They’re scientists when they do energy audits and go on nature walks. And they’re product designers and writers when they earn their innovation and storytelling badges. Not to mention change makers, big-idea thinkers, and future leaders. Supergirl, indeed! 

As a Junior, she might:

  • Share stories (and smiles) with new friends in her troop
  • Try new experiences and learn new skills as she earns badges
  • Sell cookies (and have fun doing it)
  • Explore the outdoors at camp and beyond
  • Choose an issue she cares about, then do something to make a difference as part of a Girl Scout Journey
  • Earn her Bronze Award, the first of her Girl Scout highest awards
Cadettes (6-8)

Making true-blue friends, saving the planet, standing up against stereotypes, using their team power for the greater good─that’s what being a Girl Scout Cadette is all about.

Cadettes blaze new trails in the wilderness, write and direct their own movies, take the stage for public speaking, make delicious meals from around the world, and pick up tools to do some woodworking. Their curiosity and imagination lead the way as they embrace all kinds of new experiences. 

As a Cadette, she might:

  • Choose an issue she cares about, then do something to make a difference as part of a Girl Scout Journey
  • Earn her Silver Award, the highest award a Cadette can earn
  • Get outdoors and off the beaten trail
  • Try out new experiences (and learn new skills) as she earns badges
  • Gain confidence as she mentors younger Girl Scouts (and earns her Leadership in Action award in the process)
Seniors and Ambassadors (9-12)

Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors are ready to take the world by storm, and Girl Scouts will give them many ways to do it.

They can travel to amazing places like Costa Rica, Japan or India; explore exciting careers in a variety of fields, from science to the arts to education to government; take on big projects and help others in a big way. And, of course, they can earn their Gold Award, which (by the way) adds that “little something extra” to their college applications. Seniors and Ambassadors are eager to spread their wings, and Girl Scouts helps them take flight.

Is your Girl Scout graduating or bridging to adult? Congratulate her with this customizable certificate. See a sample.

Check out this list of universities/colleges, foundations, and Girl Scout councils that offer scholarships, awards, and grants for Girl Scouts.  

Interested in earning your Gold Award? You’ll be in great company. Check out some Gold Award projects and find out how to join the club.

Ways to Earn


What's that? You've always wanted to...


Make your own movie, build a robot, cook food from a different country, go geocaching, sleep under the stars, write a book of short stories, plant a garden?


Invent something new, paint a masterpiece, be a good neighbor, take amazing nature photographs, make your bedroom into a jungle, run a business, go on an adventure trip?


Become a design engineer, camp with your troop, build a wooden bench, learn to play a musical instrument, or design a website?


Great news! You can learn to do all these things and earn Girl Scout badges as you go. 

Visit the Award and Badge Explorer for details on every badge a Girl Scout can earn!


She wants to explore new things, connect with friends and her community, and make a difference in the world. And she’ll be able to do just that when she and her troop experience a Girl Scout Journey.

She’ll team up with friends to:

  • Identify a problem they want to do something about
  • Come up with a sustainable solution that will make a difference
  • Talk about what they’ve learned and what they’ll do next
  • Create a team plan to make that solution a reality
  • Put their plan into action

Every Girl Scout grade level has different Journeys to choose from that include a sustainable Take Action project and all the exploration, discovery, and adventure she needs to power a lifetime of leadership and success! Girls can get outdoors to learn about sustainability and become environmental stewards, tell their stories through a range of creative approaches, think like an engineer or programmer, and more! Then, they can use what they've learned to make a meaningful impact in their communities.

Because Girls Scouts is girl-led, your girl and her troop will pick the topic that interests them the most, whether it’s caring for animals; taking a stand for girls; exploring science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM); helping others; spreading kindness; protecting the environment; or anything else important to her.

As she and her Girl Scout friends go on their Journey, they’ll earn awards to put on their uniform, letting others know about the awesome things they’ve done as a troop so that they can take pride in what they’ve accomplished and the amazing experiences they’ve had along the way.

Learn more about the STEM, outdoor, and life skills Journeys your girl can complete as a Girl Scout!

Highest Awards: Bronze, Silver & Gold

Bronze. Silver. Gold. These represent the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn.

All three awards give girls the chance to do big things while supporting issues they care about. Your girl might plant a community garden at her school or inspire others to eat healthy foods for her Bronze, advocate for animal rights for her Silver, or build a career network that encourages girls to become scientists and engineers for her Gold. Whatever she chooses, you’ll inspire others (and herself). 

Learn more about the Girl Scout Gold Award.

Is your girl ready to start earning her Highest Awards? Get started.

Ways to Participate

Camp and Outdoors

Your girl lives in a world of screens—smartphone! laptop! TV! tablet!─and sometimes she just wants to get away from it all. We get it. That’s why she can focus her whole Girl Scout experience on getting outdoors.

As a Girl Scout, she’ll develop the kind of outdoor skills it’s hard to get anywhere else. Skills like building a campfire, pitching a tent, or canoeing across a lake. How about adding some horseback riding, rock climbing and archery to the mix? Round things out with a ropes course, some zip lining, and maybe a week-long back-country trek. She'll find out how much fun it can be to unplug and explore the world around her.

Explore GSEMA outdoor programs and camps!


Girl Scouts love to travel, from the field trips they take as Brownies to the global adventures they go on as teens. If your girl loves exploring different places and cultures, then Girl Scouts is the place for her. 

She can experience all that our country has to offer, whether touring space camp in Alabama, taking in a Broadway show in New York City, or visiting the birthplace of Girl Scouts’ founder, Juliette Gordon Low, in Savannah, Georgia. And she can plan even bigger adventures around the world, traveling with other Girl Scouts who share her love of adventure. 

Check out Girl Scout Destinations, the ultimate adventure program for girls ages 11 and older. With a ton of different trips to apply for every year—from surfing camp on the east coast and breathtaking hikes out west, to the crazy-cool wonder of new cultures abroad—there’s something amazing for everyone to experience.

She'll make friends from all over the country as she travels with Girl Scouts from different states, sees and learns new things, and packs her bags full of inspiring, life-changing experiences and memories. 

Where can she go? Places like China, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Patagonia, Peru, Scotland, Germany, Mexico, and more!


When she joins a troop, your girl will always have something to look forward to! She'll get together with her friends to play games and sing songs; go on field trips to museums and nature centers; and explore the outdoors.

She'll earn badges as she learns to do all kinds of fun things—like camp out, make art, go geocaching, create inventions, conduct science experiments, plant gardens, and so much more.

Whether she get together once a week or once a month, she’ll find yourself counting the days until her troop meeting starts—and the fun continues!

Find a Girl Scout troop near you!

Juliettes (individual Girl Scout)

Girl Scout Juliettes (also referred to as Individually Registered Girls) are registered girl members in grades K-12 who are busy, independent, self-confident girls and young women who want to be a part of something larger: Girl Scouts!

Girl Scout Juliettes can do anything Girl Scouts in a troop do! While she won’t attend regular troop meetings, she will have an independent, individualized Girl Scout experience under the guidance of a caregiver or one-on-one adult mentor as a Juliette. She decides what activities to participate in and which earned recognitions she wants to complete. A Juliette may also attend local community, service unit, and council events.

What Can Juliettes Do?

As a Girl Scout Juliette, your girl can:

Complete Girl Scout Journeys and Badges
Journeys guide girls toward becoming leaders in their communities through discovering, connecting, and taking action on a specific topic. Badges allow girls to explore areas of interest and build new skills. See what’s available for your girl's age level with the Award and Badge Explorer, including newly released badges for 2020!

Attend Girl Scout Events and Programs
Juliettes can meet other girls in their area by attending community events through their local volunteer service unit. Your girl can also meet girls from across eastern Massachusetts through council-wide events and programs, including exciting virtual programs via Girl Scouts Anytime, Anywhere!

Get Outdoors and Go to Camp
Your girl can try archery, canoeing, challenge courses, and more through Girl Scout summer camp, winter and spring vacation adventures, drop-off programs, and more outdoor adventures. Juliettes can also explore their local outdoor spaces through experiences like Girl Scouts Love State Parks.

Help Others through Community Service
Part of the Girl Scout Law is to “make the world a better place.” Juliettes can work on their own or with their Girl Scout community to carry out this Girl Scout tradition. Girls can also pass along what they've learned, gain leadership skills, and earn special mentoring awards by helping younger Girl Scouts at troop meetings, events, camp, and more.

Participate in the Girl Scout Cookie and Fall Product Programs
Juliettes can fund their own Girl Scout activities while learning important business skills, including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Learn more about the Girl Scout Cookie Program and Fall Product Program.

Earn Girl Scout Highest Awards
The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards are the highest awards in Girl Scouting. Juliettes can earn these awards by completing a take action project to improve their local communities.

Travel with Girl Scout Destinations
Juliettes can experience leadership opportunities and gain cross-cultural understanding through regional, national, and international travel.

Join Girl Scouts as a Juliette
  1. Enroll your girl online and choose Individually Registered Member as her participation pathway. (Returning Juliette members can also renew their memberships online each year.)
  2. On joining, your girl will be assigned to your local community group, which will appear as “SU ### - TOWN, MA” in her My GS account. This lets local volunteers know that she's participating in Girl Scouting on her own, so they can reach out to her to invite her to local events!
  3. That’s it! She's ready to start exploring and learning. 

If you have any questions, contact our Customer Care team. We will connect you to a local Juliette Mentor or area support staff member.