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Troop Camping

Troop Camping

A troop camping trip is a great way to introduce girls and adults to the benefits and fun of camping! You can start planning your next outdoor experiences using this helpful Outdoor Progression Chart.

Girls and adults should be comfortable playing outside before you plan a troop camping trip. Start by exploring with a walk in a local park or an afternoon at one at one of our properties. We offer many programs throughout the year that include outdoor activities like canoeing and archery or cooking over a fire. Check the activities page for a outdoor program near you!  

Troop Camping Training

If you and your girls are ready to cook out, sleep out, or camp out, it’s time to register for training. The Outdoor Basics Series will prepare you to plan a girl-led camping trip, including how to rent a campsite, outdoor meal planning and cooking, safety and risk management, packing tips, camp activities, and more!

These outdoor trainings are a sequence and must be completed in order, beginning with Online Overnight Orientation. First Aid and CPR sessions are offered separately. Descriptions of each required session are below (printable version).

Outdoor Basics Online

Learn how to assess your troop’s readiness for camping as well as GSEMA safety procedures. Explore ways to ensure a girl-led experience, packing tips, and how you can spend your time at camp. Online Overnight Orientation is a pre-requisite. Visit LEAD Online to take Outdoor Basics Online, or Online Overnight Orientation, if you haven’t taken it already.

Outdoor Basics: Cooking

Learn all about leading a successful camping trip, including packing tips, camp activities, fire-building skills, and basic cook-out techniques during an in-person session with experienced volunteers.

Outdoor Basics: Camping

Learn how girls can embrace the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to plan and carry out a camping trip. You will learn advanced cooking methods, campfire programming, nighttime activities, and risk management procedures for camping overnight with girls during an in-person session with experienced volunteers.


Encampments, troop camping events run by service units, are a great way to meet other troops in your area that love to get outdoors. Check with your local service unit for more information on encampments.

If you're an experienced troop camping volunteer looking to run an encampment for your service unit, register for service unit encampment director training.


Planning your Troop Camping Trip

Once you’ve taken the appropriate training, you will have all the resources necessary to plan a successful troop camping trip, such as instructions on how to book a site, how to request outdoor adventures and activities, and how to rent equipment. The troop might also consider:

  • earning outdoor badges: There are a number of outdoor badges, each with activities and requirements per Girl Scout level.
  • working on an outdoor Journey: By earning a set of outdoor badges and completing a Take Action project focused on the outdoors, girls can complete the outdoor Journey for their Girl Scout level.

A troop camping trip is a great opportunity for all this and more, and Outdoor Program Kits are a helpful tool when planning.

Outdoor Program Kits and Equipment Rentals

If you’re looking to simplify your packing list, enhance the outdoor activities on your next camping trip, or lead a short program to give your girls their first exposure to camping and nature exploration, outdoor program kits and equipment rentals are a simple way to add depth to your outdoor activities. Our rental guide provides an overview of the kits and equipment available. To rent, complete the Program Kit Request Form.

Outdoor Adventures

If your troop has eight or more girls who want to participate in archery, boating, or a challenge course program, visit the Outdoor Adventures webpage.

If you have questions about troop camping, please contact