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Juliette Gordon Low Society

Being there to meet the Girl Scouts of the future.

Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scouts in 1912 and when she passed, 15 short years later, she had built Girl Scouts from a single Savannah troop into a national organization. Juliette had inspired individuals all over the country to not only join, but to support the Movement.

Juliette personally supported and rallied others to support Girl Scouts in an enduring way, through Planned Giving.

Planning your legacy.

Many of our most treasured Girl Scout experiences have been made possible, in whole or in part, by alums and supporters who decided to help ensure the future of Girl Scouts.

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Today, we need your help to build the Planned Giving pipeline and ensure that generations of future girls will have the incredible experiences and opportunities that Girl Scouts provides.

A Planned Gift can include any of the following:
  • Will
  • Retirement Plan
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Trust
  • Donor Advised Fund
  • Remainder Gift of Real Estate
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Endowment Fund
  • Any other gift that benefits GSEMA in the future

Become a member of the Juliette Gordon Low Society.

A Planned Gift can be a specific dollar amount or a percentage, and there is no minimum—every gift will help to ensure the future for our Girl Scouts. 

Because most Planned Gifts are received after a donor’s lifetime, you can have profound impact without impacting your needs or lifestyle today. Planned Gifts can be an affordable way to achieve your philanthropic goals and fulfill your legacy.

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With the support of our Juliette Gordon Low Society members, we can ensure that GSEMA and its properties will be here for generations of girls to come.

GSEMA Juliette Gordon Low Society Members

Anonymous (4)
Amy Fong
Amy vanNederpelt
Anne Mastro-Valade
Barbara H. Fortier and Karen L. Edlund
Carol Sapoznik
Carole Herman
Charmayne Platt
Crystal Sekerak
Deborah G. Taft
Diane Longtin
Diane M. White
Diane McLoughlin
Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge
  Planned Gift
Dorothy Lozowski Boisvert
Edward Napekoski
Elizabeth B. Roitman
Erik and Eva Andersen Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
Gail R. Shapiro
Jane L. Lundquist and William Lundquist
Judith Nitsch
Kathryn King
Kelly Corwin
Laura P. Lane
LeAnne Grillo
Linda Rossetti
Linda Schuller
Lynn Saunders Cutter
Marcia Metz
Margaret Gordon Gillispie Iwanchuk
Marielle Thorne
Mary M. Browne
Mary-Ann Macaione
Nancy Kiehnle
Patricia C. Romeo-Gilbert
Paula J. Ruozzi
Rachael Fusco
Regina M. Mullen
Renee Sack
Roc O’Connell
Sandra Publicover
Sonia Kwon
Tammy Geyer
Tricia Tilford
Zuania Wood

Juliette Gordon Low encouraged all who could support the Movement to do so, and to recognize that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that Girl Scouts is here to stay.  

You can make a lasting impact. For more information, please visit or contact Bess Newton, Director of Leadership Giving.