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A Girl Scout Junior in a tree


From the backyard to the backcountry, Girl Scouts has a long and storied history of getting everyone outdoors. In fact, many Girl Scouts tell us “camping trips” are one of the best things about their Girl Scout experience! It’s true: connecting with the great outdoors and making a difference is a big benefit of belonging to Girl Scouts.

By earning outdoor badges, completing an outdoor Journey, or attending outdoor programs, your Girl Scout will build leadership skills, overcome challenges, and learn how to protect the environment. Girl Scouts is the perfect place to introduce the outdoors to young people.

Outdoor Adventures and Camp

GSEMA camps and outdoor adventures provide unique opportunities for Girl Scouts to take the lead and take action in ways that build their courage, confidence, and character. Whether your Girl Scout attends an in-person event or explores the outdoors from home, they'll get to be a decision-maker with leadership opportunities in every program.

Outdoor Badges

Awards and badges are a great way for Girl Scouts to explore interests and learn new skills—and show the world what they've accomplished. Explore the outdoor badges they can earn by level below.

Daisy Outdoor Badges

Brownie Outdoor Badges

Junior Outdoor Badges

Cadette Outdoor Badges

Senior Outdoor Badges

Ambassador Outdoor Badges

Outdoor Journeys

On and Outdoor Journey, your Girl Scout will get outside to explore and enjoy nature while completing a sustainable Take Action project. Activities ranging from backyard camping to high-adventure exploration build essential outdoor skills and inspire young people to become environmental stewards.  Explore outdoor journeys by grade level.

Outdoor Programs

By attending GSEMA outdoor programs, Girl Scouts keep their adventures going all year long! Browse upcoming programs by Girl Scout level below.


Programs by Request

We're thrilled to reopen a limited number of Programs by Request slots for the spring!

Pick a program from the list below, a location (Camp Cedar Hill, Wind-in-the-Pines, or Maude Eaton), and a couple of dates that work for your group on Wednesday afternoons, Thursday afternoons, or Saturdays. Then, fill out our request form

Program Options and Pricing

MAX 15 Girl Scouts - $20.00 per girl (2 hours)
Learn the basics of using a bow and arrow, and the importance of range safety from a trained facilitator. Aim for a bullseye and practice hitting a target in small groups.

Build Your Outdoor Skills: Beginner's Fire Building
$20.00 per Girl Scout (2 hours)
Gain confidence building a successful fire and get comfortable with fire safety. Learn all about the basics of fire building, including how to safely light a match, where to find the best wood, and which layout is best for building your fire.

Build Your Outdoor Skills: Knots and Lashing
$20.00 per Girl Scout (2 hours)
Knowing basic knots and how to lash are essential Girl Scout skills. You can use them at home, at camp, during troop time, and to help others. Come and learn the difference between knots and lashing, how to tie a few knots, and practice your skills by lashing a shelter (miniature or full) or create your own fort.

Build Your Outdoor Skills: Jack Knives
$20.00 per Girl Scout (2 hours)
Are you a “whittle” curious about how to properly use a jackknife? Learn about knife safety and the usefulness of knives while camping. Then practice your skills while whittling a soap carving.

Build Your Outdoor Skills: Birding
$20.00 per Girl Scout (2 hours)
Bird watching is becoming a very popular sport. Join us as we go on a birding hike. Bring binoculars or borrow a pair from us and learn how to properly use them before we head out on a walk around camp. Using a bird field guide and other identification techniques, we will identify as many birds as we are able to find!

Camp Detective
$20.00 per Girl Scout (2 hours)
Can you solve the case of the missing gnomes? Someone has stolen the gnomes and they need to be found for the magic of camp to return! You will try fun detective experiments while narrowing the suspects list down until you find the culprit. Girl Scout Juniors will complete all the steps of the Detective badge.

Crazy STEM Exploration
$20.00 per Girl Scout (2 hours)
Join us for outdoor STEM fun! You will code, engineer, and experiment your way through camp. Bring your curiosity, we’ll bring the rest!

Earth Defenders
$20.00 per Girl Scout (2 hours)
Don’t you just love playing in the outdoors? The feeling of the warm sun on your face? The sounds of birds singing and animals playing? Nature gives us so many gifts! Any time you’re outdoors you can take care of the environment. As an earth defender, you’ll learn how to protect outdoor spaces and teach others to do the same. And of course, no environmental superhero is complete without their own specially designed superhero costume!

All participants will earn a GSUSA Badge (Daisy Eco-Learner, Brownie Eco-Friend and Junior Eco-Camper) and an Earth Defenders Fun Patch. Volunteer supervision is required.

GPS Geocaching

$20.00 per Girl Scout (2 hours)
In this introduction to geocaching, you'll use GPS technology to navigate your way to hidden treasure, practicing this popular adventure activity that is now a worldwide hobby. Each participant will need to bring a smartphone to try entering latitudes and longitudes on your own!

$20.00 per Girl Scout (2 hours)
Are you up for a challenge? Discover this worldwide hobby and make your own letterboxing stamp. Think critically, solve problems, and learn basic compass skills as you work as a team to navigate a course in search of sneaky hidden letterboxes.

Wilderness Friends
$20.00 per Girl Scout (2 hours)
Come on a wilderness adventure around camp to learn about the local trees and habitats! Watch your step, as we’ll be guests in the homes of our resident bugs and wildlife. You will do a craft and nature scavenger hike as you take steps towards the following badges: Bugs (Brownies), Animal Habitats (Juniors), and Trees (Cadettes).


Our program team will work to find two facilitators to lead a minimum of 10 Girl Scouts (please note that Archery has a maximum number of 15 Girl Scouts) through the program of your choice. As of February 16, 2021, per the state of Massachusetts, group sizes must not exceed 25 people outdoors, including the two GSEMA staff members.

Requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Every effort will be made to find a team of facilitators to safely run your program with COVID precautions in place. If we are able to find staff to lead your program, you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay online.

Please remember that troop leaders should ensure that adult to Girl Scout ratios are covered, as our staff cannot count in your ratios.


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