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Life Skills

Girl Scout badges, beginning with Civic Engagement and expanding to Healthy Living, Communication Skills, Practical Skills, and Global Citizenship, form the foundation of activities that help girls grow as Girl Scouts.

Girls explore essential life skills and find the inspiration to accept challenges, overcome obstacles, and take the lead through Girl Scouts. By staying healthy, developing strong relationships with family and peers, advocating on behalf of others, and exploring careers that can change the world for the better, your girl will empower herself and others around her to thrive.

Life Skills Badges

Girl Scout awards and badges are a great way for a girl to explore her interests and learn new skills—and show the world what she's accomplished. Explore the life skills badges she can earn on the Girl Scout Badge Explorer.

Life Skills Journeys

On her life skills journey, your girl can learn how to make a difference in her community and world, hone her people skills, and gain practical financial knowledge. Learn more about the life skills journeys she can explore as a Girl Scout below.

Civic Engagement and Global Action: With a focus on preparing girls to be active and informed members of their communities, Girl Scouts offers Citizen badges for all grade levels, along with the Silver Torch and Gold Torch awards for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. In addition, this year's new Civics badges and journeys will teach girls about their local, state, and federal governments. Girls learn how to act locally while thinking globally, and to explore how their actions can make a lasting impact in their community and world.

Community Service: Whether it’s through planting a garden, painting a mural, or launching a letter-writing campaign, the It’s Your World—Change It! Journey inspires Girl Scouts at every grade level to take on unique leadership and advocacy challenges and discover what it means to be a leader who makes a difference in the world.

Healthy Relationships: At every stage, from Daisy to Ambassador, Girl Scouts form stronger connections with family, friends, and their communities. Younger Girl Scouts (grades K–5) make new friends as they strive to be considerate, caring, and kind. In middle school, girls learn how to cope with bullying and relational aggression. And as a Senior or Ambassador, she’ll hone her people skills with her peers and her community, as she makes the world a better place.

Financial Literacy: Grounded in real-life situations, Financial Literacy journeys give girls a deeper understanding of financial issues, providing them with insight, skills, and practical knowledge in areas such as budgeting, philanthropy, making smart buying decisions, financial planning, and more. 

Life Skills Programs

By attending GSEMA life skills programs, she'll keep her Girl Scout Leadership Experience going all year long. Browse upcoming programs by Girl Scout level below.