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Community Engagement

Community engagement is a core value of Girl Scouting. Since our founding more than 100 years ago, Girl Scouts has been, and will continue to be, an organization rooted in activism and advocacy—in making the world a better place for all. As a Girl Scout, your girl can empower herself and others to listen to and learn from one another, celebrate diversity, and become a lifelong advocate and ally for positive social change. 

Lift Your Voice

The Lift Your Voice programming series provides a free, safe online space for girls and adults to explore how they can use their voices to make the world a better place as anti-racist advocates. Through age-appropriate stories, activities, and discussions, participants explore what allyship looks like and learn how be champions for change. This program is facilitated in English. Register for an upcoming program.

La serie Lift Your Voice es un espacio seguro en línea para que las niñas y adultos exploren cómo pueden usar su voz para hacer del mundo un lugar mejor como defensores antirracistas. Regístrate para una sesión.

Cultural Connections

The Cultural Connections programming series celebrates a new country, culture, and tradition with every session! Girl Scout families are invited to gather online and connect with one another by exploring one another's cultures and traditions. This program is facilitated in English. Register for an upcoming session. Interested in sharing your culture with us? Let us know!

Conexiones Culturales: celebra un nuevo país, cultura y tradición en cada sesión. Destacaremos los países de todo el mundo con los que Girl Scouts aquí en GSEMA tienen conexiones culturales. Invitamos a toda la familia a unirse a nosotros una noche para explorar una nueva cultura y conectarse con Girl Scouts. Cada sesión está en inglés. Regístrate para una sesión. ¿Interesado en compartir SU conexión cultural? ¡Haznos saber!

Exploradoras (serie bilingüe / bilingual series)

¡Los invitamos a formar parte de las Girl Scout Exploradoras! Una serie nacional bilingüe para niñas en grados K-8 donde su niña participará junto a otras chicas de su edad mientras exploran y descubren sus intereses de manera divertida. Las niñas aprenderán nuevas habilidades y desarollarán valor y confianza en sí misma. Regístrese.

We invite you to join the Girl Scout Exploradoras, a national series of biligual online gatherings for girls in grades K-8! Your girl will participate alongside other girls her age as they explore and learn new skills in a fun way, and build courage and self-confidence. Register.

Through targeted community outreach and partnerships with schools, community centers, and housing authorities, GSEMA works within communities that need additional support to deliver the full Girl Scout experience and programming. Our Community Engagement team identifies barriers to participation, provides individualized assistance, and creates community-specific solutions to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls who may not otherwise be introduced to Girl Scouts. 

Interested in bringing Girl Scouts to your school or local center? Contact us/contáctenos.


Learn more about the Girl Scouts Anti-racism Patch Program.