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Criminal Background Checks

About Our Criminal Background Check Process
In accordance with Massachusetts State Law, and to ensure the safety of our Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts enforces a safety policy for adults who work directly with Girl Scouts. All volunteers must register and complete a criminal background check using the CORI/SORI Acknowledgement Form. Volunteers who have not resided in Massachusetts for the past seven years must also complete a national online screening, which we will initiate with your consent. By law, a volunteer’s criminal background check expires after three (3) years.


How it Works

  • Print and complete the CORI/SORI Acknowledgement Form
  • Present completed CORI/SORI form in person with a photo ID to a Notary Public or GSEMA Authorized Representative.
  • Mail completed CORI/SORI form to: GSEMA, 265 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA 02452

How Do I Know if a Criminal Background Check is Current?

For All Volunteers:
All volunteers are able to see their own criminal background check expiration date through their My GS portal in the My Household tab, under “CBC expiration.” Please renew your background check before it expires by following the steps above.

For Troop Leaders:
Troop leaders are able to view criminal background check expiration dates for all volunteers in their troop through their My GS portal in the My Troop(s) tab, under “CBC expiration.”

Volunteers with an "Active" status have both a current membership and background check, and are cleared to volunteer. “Screening” indicates that a volunteer is registered, but that the criminal background check is not yet complete. “Inactive” and “Lapsed” indicate that the volunteer has not registered for the current membership year.

Troop leaders who have questions should contact Customer Care at

For Service Unit Volunteers:
Appointed service unit leadership volunteers are not currently able to view criminal background check expiration dates on service unit rosters in Looker. Please encourage troop leaders to review their troops’ volunteers at least once per year.