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Daisy Climbing Adventure Badge (Plymouth)

Sat Nov 20, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM EST
Volunteers, Daisies

The first step to climbing is learning to be comfortable with your feet off the ground. Bouldering, or rock climbing by traversing across the wall (rather than up it), is a sport for all ages. Girls will spend the first half of the program on the ground learning the lingo and how to climb safely. Then they will boulder across our indoor wall while building up their skills. Daisies will earn the new Daisy Climbing Adventure Badge. Volunteer supervision required.

Safety Note: Bouldering is a low-to-the-ground activity. Girls will climb no higher than 6ft from the ground and will use mats and spotters to protect their falls. Bouldering does not require the use of harnesses, helmets, or ropes.

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