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A Girl Scout and volunteer using a laptop at home

Girl Scouts at Home

We know that this is a challenging time for Girl Scouts—staying home from school away from friends is a significant change in their routine that can make them feel disconnected. At Girl Scouts, we are fortunate to be able to continue offering the same quality programming to girls, volunteers, and families virtually for at-home enrichment experiences. The unique and far-reaching Girl Scout sisterhood experience will help us stay connected during these unprecedented times.

Every day, we will add virtual badge activities, programs, and resources for girls and families to engage with from home. These are all available to the public—no Girl Scout membership necessary. Check back often!

Weekly Virtual Girl Scout Meetings

Join girls from all over eastern Massachusetts for a virtual Girl Scout meeting. Click the level to register.

Pre-K/Kindergarten (for non-members) (Saturdays)

Daisy (Tuesdays)

Brownie (Wednesdays)

Junior (Thursdays)

Cadette/Senior/Ambassador (Fridays)

Earn a Badge

Follow our tutorials to earn a Girl Scout badge!

Daisy (grades K-1)

Space Science Explorer
Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered what’s out there? We will explore the sun and shadows and observe how the moon changes each evening. Join us for a virtual tour of the stars.

Coding for Good 1: Coding Basics and Coding for Good 2: Digital Game Design
Want to learn how a computer works? Discover what an algorithm is, how to use it, and how they are used in the real world. Dive a little deeper to explore tools used to develop digital games. You will plan your own maze game, then build, test, and improve it to get it just right.

Brownie (grades 2-3)

Household Elf
Become a Household Elf! Practice new ways to make your home and the planet a little cleaner and greener. As you earn this badge, you will clean the air, save water, and more.

Coding for Good 1: Coding Basics Badge
Learn what an algorithm is, use loops to improve it, and test out your skills by making your own code. Discover famous women who use code just like you!

Dancer (coming soon)
Learn how to dance from professional dance instructors! You'll explore the basics, practice your moves, and create your own movement masterpiece.

Junior (grades 4-5)

Explore different ways to use your words in achieving the Scribe badge. Practice with a story, a poem, and an article. Use your words to share who you are and tell the world what you think. Meet an author and ask your questions about writing.

Meet detective Jen and help her figure out who stole the cookie from the cookie jar. Identify fingerprints, decode messages, and solve clues to figure out who committed the crime.

Cadette (grades 6-8)

Comic Artist
Does creating a world where people can fly and cats can talk sound like fun to you? Join the world of comics and become a comic book artist! Not the best at drawing? Not to worry—even comic creators agree that there are many ways to make a comic successful; some use simple stick figures to get their point across! Come discover your story, draw it out, and let your imagination soar.

Space Science Researcher
When we study the universe, we are actually looking at the light from objects in space, including stars. Explore the amazing properties of light, including the color spectrum and "invisible" light such as x-rays and infrared. Classify the stars as we explore how your night sky may look different from someone else's. Brainstorm how to conserve the night sky and prevent light pollution, which blocks out our view of the stars.

Senior (grades 9-10)

Join a community of other Girl Scout writers to earn your Novelist badge. Deconstruct plots and novel structure, create dynamic characters, and get to work on your own novel. You’ll also talk to an author about their books and the craft of writing.

Space Science Expert (coming soon)
Have you ever heard the phrase "we are stardust?" Explore the truth behind this statement including how many of the objects in our home come from supernovas. Watch the life-cycle of a star unfold before your eyes, discover the power of telescopes, and become a citizen space scientist.

Ambassador (grades 11-12)

Public Policy (coming soon)
Be a global citizen and earn your Public Policy badge. Learn about advocacy and the change you can create in your government. Take a deep dive into policies, both local and national.

Space Science Master (coming soon)
Do you dream of studying the stars and discovering the secrets of the universe? We will explore the multitude of career possibilities in space science. Explore new worlds, become a citizen scientist, operate a telescope remotely, and share your interests. The universe is yours!

Earn a Journey Award

Sign up for weekly online sessions to earn a Journey. These sessions are facilitated by a GSEMA staff member and meet weekly via Zoom beginning March 30.

Junior (grades 4-5)

Think Like a Programmer (Mondays, 4 PM, March 30-April 27) - FULL

Think Like a Programmer (Tuesdays, 5:30 PM, March 31-April 28) - FULL

Think Like a Programmer (Wednesdays, 5:30 PM, April 1-April 29) - FULL

Think Like a Programmer (Self-Directed Experience)

Cadette (grades 6-8)

MEdia (Mondays, 5:30 PM, March 30-April 27) - FULL

MEdia (Wednesdays, 4 PM, April 1-April 29) - FULL

MEdia (Self-Directed Experience)

Senior/Ambassador (grades 9-12)

Think Like a Programmer (Tuesdays, 4 PM, March 31-April 28) - FULL

Camp and Outdoor Connections

Sundown Sing-along: Wednesday, April 1, 7 PM
Enjoy traditional Girl Scout camp songs around a virtual campfire! Join in with your whole family to sing your heart out, enjoy a snack (you make at home), and receive a book of camp songs.

Outdoor Skills, Knot Tying: Tuesday, March 31, 1:30 PM
Learn the traditional Girl Scout skills of knot-tying and lashing. Unravel the many uses of the square knot, clove hitch, and bowline. Make sure you’re ready with a piece of rope or shoelace!

Camp Theme Days Calendar Challenges
Each day, we will post the theme of the day on our camp Facebook pages. Post an on-theme photo of you (and your family) to a camp Facebook page, and each week we will choose one submission to win an item of your choice from our Camp Trading Post!

Council's Own Patch Portfolio
GSEMA Program Partner Activities
Virtual Girl Scout Troop Meeting Resources

Virtual Meetings through Zoom

Zoom is an intuitive online video conferencing tool that can be used on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It's a great way to bring real-time, face-to-face connections to virtual experiences—including virtual troop meetings. Virtual Girl Scout gatherings should follow the same volunteer-to-girl safety ratios used for in-person gatherings. We also recommend disabling private chat functions, limiting screen sharing to hosts only (approved volunteers or girls), and limiting file sharing to hosts only for Zoom meetings. 

  • If you would like to hold a virtual troop meeting for 40 minutes or less, you can use a free personal Zoom account. Learn more about hosting your own virtual Girl Scout troop meeting.
  • For virtual meetings longer than 40 minutes, you can request use of GSEMA's Zoom for Troops room, which can hold up to 100 attendees at once. 

Want to learn more about Zoom and virtual meetings? Join us for a drop-in Zoom Tutorial for Girl Scout Groups on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12 PM. 

Take 5

In each of these five-minute, bite-sized episodes, GSEMA staff share inspiring tips and tricks for facilitating fun and engaging virtual experiences for girls.

Episode 1: Virtual Daisy and Brownie Meetings


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