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A smiling Girl Scout using a laptop at home on a couch

Girl Scouts at Home

We want all Girl Scouts to be able to feel engaged and inspired anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re a brand new Girl Scout family, already doing Girl Scouts on your own, or looking for more activities to do with your troop, Girl Scouts at Home offers ways to stay connected with other Girl Scouts. Participants in the programs below can try STEM activities, explore the outdoors, build life and leadership skills, make a difference in their communities, become cultural advocates, and more—remotely!

There’s always something new to explore. Check back often for the latest program opportunities that Girl Scouts can participate in remotely or have mailed to them directly.

For Current Girl Scouts

It's easy to stay engaged and inspired with Girl Scouts! Our remote program offerings below offer young people exciting opportunities to learn and thrive wherever they are—whether at home or on the go.

Live and Self-directed Online Programs

Girl Scouts of all ages can earn badges and Journey awards online; learn about the Highest Awards; explore cultural advocacy, the outdoors, and STEM; and make a difference in their communities through these self-guided and live online programs.

Scavenger Hunt Badge Series

Participants can earn badges and more through an exciting interactive app, GooseChase, that allows them to complete missions at your own pace at any time throughout the month. They can also connect with other Girl Scouts to see how their peers are tackling the same challenges! GooseChase can be used by troops, families, or individuals both at troop meetings and at home. Sign up.

Monthly Round-up Meetings

Join GSEMA staff and volunteers online for a monthly gathering of Girl Scouts from across eastern Massachusetts! Participants engage in exciting hands-on activities to make new friends, learn new skills, and discover Girl Scout traditions. Each month’s meeting focuses on a new Girl Scout tradition, activity, or theme, and provides a sneak peek of upcoming program opportunities for Girl Scouts to explore during the rest of the month. Registration is for the full series—just sign up once to attend as many meetings as you like!

Mailed Program Kits

Our mailed program kits can help your Girl Scout or troop explore STEM and the outdoors, learn important life skills, earn badges, and more—all from the comfort of home. All program kits are available at the Waltham GSEMA Shop for pick up or delivery. 

Council's Own Patch Portfolio

For Aspiring Girl Scouts

Is your child interested in becoming a Girl Scout? They’re invited to try these free opportunities to learn more about Girl Scouts, explore a Girl Scout activity, or earn their first badge! 

Discover Girl Scouts

It’s time to press play with Girl Scouts! Youth and adults interested in learning more about Girl Scouting are invited to join us online to learn more about our program and how to get involved.

Try a Badge

Follow our self-directed tutorials to earn a Girl Scout badge!

Grades K-1

Space Science Explorer
Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered what’s out there? We will explore the sun and shadows and observe how the moon changes each evening. Join us for a virtual tour of the stars.

Grades 2-3

Household Elf
Become a Household Elf! Practice new ways to make your home and the planet a little cleaner and greener. As you earn this badge, you will clean the air, save water, and more.

Grades 4-5

Meet detective Jen and help her figure out who stole the cookie from the cookie jar. Identify fingerprints, decode messages, and solve clues to figure out who committed the crime.

Grades 6-8

Space Science Researcher
When we study the universe, we are actually looking at the light from objects in space, including stars. Explore the amazing properties of light, including the color spectrum and "invisible" light such as x-rays and infrared. Classify the stars as we explore how your night sky may look different from someone else's. Brainstorm how to conserve the night sky and prevent light pollution, which blocks out our view of the stars.

Grades 9-10

Space Science Expert
Have you ever heard the phrase "we are stardust?" Explore the truth behind this statement including how many of the objects in our home come from supernovas. Watch the life-cycle of a star unfold before your eyes, discover the power of telescopes, and become a citizen space scientist.

Grades 11-12

Space Science Master
Do you dream of studying the stars and discovering the secrets of the universe? We will explore the multitude of career possibilities in space science. Explore new worlds, become a citizen scientist, operate a telescope remotely, and share your interests. The universe is yours!


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