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Girls at Summer Camp

Initiatives & Research

What benefits do girls who are Girl Scouts gain through participation in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience? What is the impact of the Girl Scout Cookie Program, STEM initiatives, and Outdoor experiences on girls? What about the long-term benefits of Girl Scouting? We measure the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and use what we find to innovate programs and practices.

This report summarizes the benefits of being a Girl Scout.

Through our Girl Scout Leadership Experience, girls develop courage, confidence, and character:

  • Girl Scouts learn courage when they take active roles in their communities and speak out when they care about issues.
  • Girl Scouts build confidence as they understand their strengths and become empowered to make a difference in their own lives.
  • Girl Scouts acquire character when they act with integrity and compassion, making decisions that promote the well-being of themselves and others.

Read the findings of the Simmons College/Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts collaborative research, "Dreaming Big: What's Gender Got to Do with It?" (2012) and “Dreaming Big: Examining Career Aspirations of Girls of Color” (2014).

"Girls’ Challenge Seeking: How Outdoor Exposure can Support Girls in Taking Positive Risks," was the lead article the Spring 2015 edition of After School Matters.