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Graduating Girl Scouts

Graduating Girl Scouts

Congratulations! Your adventure as a Girl Scout alum begins now! You’re part of a 50 million strong network of Girl Scout alums prepared for a lifetime of leadership. In fact, 50% of female business leaders, 76% of female U.S. Senators, 80% of female tech leaders, and 100% of female U.S. Secretaries of State were Girl Scouts! Now it’s your turn to continue the legacy.

Start your Girl Scout alum journey today:
1. Collect Your Certificate of Completion

Print your customizable Certificate of Completion. You've earned it!

2. Stay Connected to Girl Scouts

Purchase a Lifetime Membership at a special reduced cost of $200. This offer is for anyone 18 to 29 years old who was a Girl Scout at any point during her childhood.  

Join the Girl Scout Network to stay connected with alums across the country. Be sure to highlight your Girl Scout accomplishments on LinkedIn!

3. Get Involved with Girl Scouts

Create your LinkedIn profile and join the Girl Scout Network. Be sure to connect with GSUSA and GSEMA!

Wherever you land, reconnect with Girl Scouts locally to support a service unit, troop, or Girl Scout earning a high award.


Girl Scouts Graduation Regalia

Check out the all-new Girl Scout graduation regalia! Celebrate your Girl Scout accomplishments in style with a stole, a tassel, highest awards emblem patches, or recognition cords. Order online today!