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Volunteer Connections: Cookie Program & Financing the Fun

Wed Nov 07, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Have questions about your troop?  Looking to chat with other leaders?  Can’t make it to a regional Volunteer Connections session in your area?  Each month, a Volunteer Support Specialist is hosting an online hour-long drop-in Volunteer Connection event!  Join us online and you’ll have an opportunity to network, engage, catch up, and learn a few new tricks!

Please go to LEAD ( to access this online session.  If you do not have access to LEAD, please contact Customer Care at

Volunteer Connection Monthly Themes:

September – Fall Product Program & Troop Money Management

October – Badges, Journeys & What’s New

November – Cookie Program & Financing the Fun

December – Volunteer Appreciation & Engaging Families

January – Songs, Games, & Girl Scout Traditions

February – Cookie Recognitions & Ideas for Daisies

March – Getting Outdoors & Going Camping

April – Field Trips & Travel

May – Bridging & Celebrating Your Troop Year

June – Summer Fun

July – Journeys, Taking Action & the High Awards

August – Girl Leadership & Planning Your Troop Year