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Donation Programs

The Cookie Program offers a valuable community service experience. Girl Scouts can support a charitable organization such as a local food pantry, shelter, care center, local police and fire departments, and the U.S. military and its veterans. Girls can promote their cause with signs at their cookie booth sales and on their order cards. Customers who do not wish to purchase cookies for themselves can still support their local Girl Scout troop and a charitable cause.

GSEM organizes an annual Cookies for a Cause event held in the spring at Hanscom Air Force Base, at which girls can personally deliver cookies to members of the military. At the event, girls can meet military personnel, take photos, create thank you cards to accompany cookie care packages for milliary personnel serving here and overseas, and more! Registration is required and details will be provided later during the sale.

Through their usual sales process, girls document the donations and make sure their Troop Cookie Coordinator logs the quantity in SNAP as a cShare donation. The cookies will automatically arrive at the Cookies for a Cause event at Hanscom Air Force Base, and girls can bring additional cookies to donate. Girls earn credits towards recognitions and the troops earns proceeds. These cookie donations through cShare can be done all cookie season long!