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Girl Scout fall sale

2017 Fall Product Program

This program is a great way for girls to learn important life skills, set goals, earn money for their Girl Scout activities early in the troop year and have FUN! This year’s themes are "Be Fearless” and "Unleash the Hero Inside," and the program mascot is the fearless Super Cat! Participation is easy! A girl can invite family and friends to support her Girl Scout troop in person, online or both!

With each purchase of nuts, candy, magazines—and new this year: water bottles, tumblers and organic vegetables—a girl earns 15-17% of each dollar sold for her troop and awesome recognitions for herself! Great opportunity for a girl to find her very own super power!

2017 Fall Product Program Rally Guide!
Check out the great ideas in the rally guide for fun learning experiences that will motivate girls to reach goals and fund their Girl Scout activities and adventures! Have a big service unit rally or implement a rally guide activity at a troop meeting or at home with your Girl Scout. The hands-on activities will help girls learn about the nut and chocolate offerings, goal setting, leadership and to unleash the hero inside!

Getting Started!
1. Be a 2017-18 registered Girl Scout volunteer. Sign up or renew today.
2. Check out the Key Dates and Contact Information below.
3.   Read, complete and submit your 2017 Fall Product Program Coordinator Position Description and Agreement and your 2017-2018 Troop Bank Account Form to gain access to Nut-E (the nut, candy & magazine ordering and management database) and participate in the Program. These two documents must be completed by the troop volunteer who will be managing the program for the girls. Emails containing Nut-E username and password will be sent to the Troop Fall Product Program Coordinator who has submitted the completed documents noted above.
4.   Pick up the Troop Instruction Envelope and girl packets from your Service Unit Fall Product Program Mentor. If you are unsure who this person is, please email your name and troop number to the GSEMA Product Program Team.
5. Schedule time to get together with the girls to distribute program materials, have them discuss what they want to do this Girl Scout year, help them set goals by figuring out the cost of activities and adventures on their list and create an action plan. Review the product lines: Paper Orders of Nut, Candy and Community Caring Program Nuts, Paper/Online Magazine Options, Online Tumblers & Water Bottles, Online Organic Vegetable Kits.
6. Discuss the Community Caring Program with the girls and the importance of helping others. Have them look at the order card and select the recognitions they would like to earn. Help them create and rehearse their sales pitch. and practice by taking turns being Girl Scout and Customer. Be sure the girls’ parents/guardians are in the loop to gain their support, too.
7. Remember that this is an easy, quick and fun program for girls to earn money for their troop and awesome recognitions for themselves; so easy, that girls, with their guardians' support, can do the whole program online!
8. Questions? Email your Product Program Team.
Service Unit Cash Bonus Opportunity

This season, service units can earn a $20 cash bonus for each troop with 100% participation in the program, and $350 in total sales. To be considered a participant, all registered girls in a troop must send a minimum of 25 email invites to family and friends or must sell one nut, candy, magazine or new item. If you are interested in serving as a Service Unit Mentor and earning this cash bonus, please contact the Product Program Team for more information and to receive the Service Unit Fall Product Program Mentor agreement form.  

Key Dates and Contact Information
October 2 The Fall Product Program begins
October 23

Last day to register girls as Girl Scouts for Fall Product Program participation

Opt-Out Forms due for troops opting out of the recognition program. Opt-Out troops earn an additional 2% in troop proceeds for a total of 17% of each dollar

October 27
10 PM
Deadline for troops to enter orders into Nut-E
November 6

Deadline to drop white copy of magazine order forms to your Service Unit Fall Product Program Mentor

Balance due to the council will be debited from Troop Bank Account

November 13 (week of) Recognitions delivered to Service Unit Fall Product Program Mentor
November 16-17 Nuts and candy delivered to Service Unit Fall Product Program Mentor

Questions? Please send us an email.

The Benefits of Participating

One of the most important elements of the program is the opportunity for girls to set and achieve goals while earning money for troop activities. Like the iconic Girl Scout Cookie Program, the Fall Product Program teaches important life skills including goal setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

The program is short, fun and engaging! The nuts and candy are delicious and designed specifically for the Girl Scouts, and the magazine program is a great opportunity to renew existing subscriptions or suggest friends and family try out that new magazine they’ve been considering. All while supporting Girl Scouts! Plus, we are offering awesome new product lines this year to increase excitement and participation, including themed water bottles, tumblers and Organic Vegetable Kits!

Why should our troop participate in the Fall Product Program?
• To encourage and initiate goal setting and teamwork while planning
   for the troop year
• To earn fun patches, recognitions and money for the troop to fund
   troop activities, adventures and fun
• To build communication and entrepreneurial skills
• For the flexibility of choosing to sell in person, online (more products
   available in the online shop), or a combination of both
• Because all sales benefit the girl and her troop, and customers get a
   jump on their holiday shopping!

Volunteer Agreements

Fall Product Program Coordinator Position Description and Agreement

Get the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free to access and complete forms.

Fall Product Program Online Access

Once we receive your completed troop Fall Product Program Coordinator Volunteer Agreement form, we will send you your username and password to Nut-E, the Fall Product Program online platform.  

Troops can login to Nut-E to place orders and girl recognitions.
Nut-E Guide for troops.

Tech Support:
Login issues: email Travis Sammons
Technical issues with Nut-E functionality: contact Nut-E Online Tech Support directly at 877-305-4146

For Girl Scouts and families: Register and create a shareable QSP webpage. It's quick and easy!

1. Go online to

2. Help your Girl Scout create her email message and customize her own webpage by adding her picture (optional) and making her own video for family and friends (optional)!

3. Send family and friends an email invitation to purchase products to support your Girl Scout and her troop. You can also text an invitation, and post to Facebook and Twitter from the same site!

Program Training

What is the Fall Product Program? - Brief video overview of what the Fall Product Program is and how it can help your troop earn funds at the beginning of the Girl Scout year.

Nut-E Troop Training Webinar - Learn how to use the Nut-E system to order candy and nut products.

GSEM Product Sales Money Handling and Financial Procedures. Important details for a successful troop!

Step 1 of 3 - Getting Started & Preparing for Success This webinar covers the role and responsibilities of the Troop Fall Product Program Coordinator, as well as explain materials needed for troop success!

Step 2 of 3 – Operation Communication!  This webinar covers the responsibilities of the Troop Fall Product Program Coordinator during the sale.

Step 3 of 3 – Wrap Up!!  Enjoy the candy & chocolate of your labor! This webinar will cover finishing up the program.

Recognitions Training Webinar - Learn all about the fabulous recognitions that girls, troops and service units can earn by participating in the Fall Product Program!

To learn more about the Fall Product Program food products, including allergen information, please visit

Financial Information

Fall Product Program payments are made online through troop bank accounts. This season there will be a single debit to your troop bank account on November 6, 2017. If you are establishing a new troop, you will need to set up a troop bank account. Then you can provide banking information to the Product Program Team using this form.

Sometimes, people don’t pay for the products they have picked up. In that unfortunate situation, you will need to fill out a delinquent payment form and send it to the Product Program Team so we can address the situation. Your troop will not be responsible for the debt once you have completed this step.

To help manage the important process of gathering customer payments and managing troop payments for products, we have prepared a set of Money Handling and Financial Procedures for volunteers.  

Troops that sell fall products exclusively online will receive proceeds after the close of the sale because the vendor will pay the council directly for these sales. Payment to troops will be made either by check or by direct deposit to troop bank accounts; the method of payment, timing and amount due will be announced soon. Troop net proceed calculations are visible in Nut-E for both online and in-person sales. Please contact the Product Program Team with any questions.

Resources and Forms
Troop Proceeds and Incentives

Troops earn 15% of every dollar of product sold. When troops choose to opt-out of participation in the girl recognition program, they will earn an additional 2% per item sold for total earnings of 17%. Daisies and Brownies are not eligible to opt-out.

In order to opt-out of receiving recognitions and earn the additional 2% in proceeds, all of the girls in the troop must agree to this and sign the opt-out form, which is due on October 23.


1 – MyPatch Creation: Troop Fall Product Program Coordinators can each earn a customizable MyPatch Creation patch. When the troop sells $350 in online sales the Troop Coordinator will receive an email from Nut-E to customize their very own patch. Completed patch will be shipped directly to the Troop Coordinator.

2 – The Top Selling Troop: The top selling troop based on total sales, earns an extra 5% troop proceeds! To be eligible the troop must have at least 3 registered girls in their troop and 100% girl participation in the Fall Product Program.

3 – Troop Booth Kit Raffle: Troops with at least a 10% increase over their last year’s total sale will qualify to be entered into a raffle to win a Troop Booth Kit! Kit includes a personalized Troop Booth Banner and a Cookie Cart. Ten lucky winners will be drawn once all orders are entered into Nut-E at the end of the Program.

Girl Recognitions

Each season we invite girls to participate in selecting the items that will be part of the upcoming season’s girl recognition program. This season’s recognitions include patches and the perennial favorites: t-shirts and plushes!

When girls register and create their own online shopping sites they will begin the process of building their personalized Super Cat Patch. As girls make progress and complete more program activities, they will unlock personalization features of their Super Cat, and they earn their Super Cat Patch when they reach $150 in online sales. This patch will be mailed directly to the girl’s address on file. Girls can also earn the awesome NEW personalized Super Cat t-shirt once they reach $250 in online sales!

New this season, girls can earn the exclusive Crossover Patch—"Stand Up, Stand Out! Be Fearless! Unleash the Hero Inside!"—when they sell five Fall Product Program items and 25 packages of cookies! Girls who earn this patch will receive it in Spring 2018, after the conclusion of the cookie program.

New SuperSeller patch and Hero Bucks! Girls can earn a SuperSeller patch and $30 in Hero Bucks to use toward GSEMA programs, shop purchases and camp when they participate in the program by:

  • selling 18+ QSP items and 50+ nut and candy items,
  • sending 25+ emails to friends and family inviting them to shop online,
  • and receive 4+ Community Caring donations.
Nut Donation Program (Community Caring)

The Fall Product Community Caring Program offers girls the opportunity to earn funds for their troops and recognitions for themselves, and to collect donations to help others. Girls can collect customer donations on their order card; each $5 donation goes toward one can of honey roasted peanuts.

Supporting your Girl Scout and this program is so easy!

1. Your Girl Scout invites family and friends to make donations to the Community Caring Program. Receipts acknowledging these donations are found online: A page of six customer receipts is available for printing.

2. Your Girl Scout records each $5 donation on the Community Caring item line on her paper nut/candy order card to track purchases that will provide a can of Honey Roasted Peanuts for those in need.

3. Your Girl Scout totals all Community Caring items sold (3+ items earn her the Share patch) and returns the order card to her Troop Fall Product Program Coordinator, along with the total amount of money collected with each $5 donation. All Honey Roasted Peanuts will be donated to local charitable organizations!

“Scouting rises within you and inspires you to put forth your best.”
                                               — Girl Scout Founder, Juliette G. Low

Last season, 1,615 cans of Honey Roasted Peanuts were donated to local charitable organizations! Our founder would be proud! Great job, Girl Scouts! Thank you for your continued support of the Community Caring Program.