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girls on a high ropes course

Our Program

You’re also going to do big things. Our program centers on something called the Girl Scout Leadership Experience—a collection of activities and experiences you’ll have as you earn badges, sell cookies, go on exciting trips, explore the outdoors, do Take Action projects that make a difference, and more. What’s even better is that our program is girl-led, meaning you choose what you want to do as a Girl Scout!

In Girl Scouts you will:


You’ll find out who you are, what you care about, and what your talents are. 


Collaborate with other people, locally and globally, to make a difference in the world. 


Take Action.
Do something to make the world a better place.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience has five outcomes:


Sense of Self: Girls have confidence in themselves and their abilities, and form positive identities.


Positive Values: Girls act ethically, honestly, and responsibly, and show concern for others.


Challenge Seeking: Girls take appropriate risks, try things even if they might fail, and learn from mistakes.


Healthy Relationships: Girls develop and maintain healthy relationships by communicating their feelings directly and resolving conflicts constructively.


Community Problem Solving: Girls desire to contribute to the world in purposeful and meaningful ways, learn how to identify community problems, and create "action plans" to solve them.

In Girl Scouts, you’ll do more than you ever thought you could, dream bigger dreams than you ever imagined, and – oh, yeah – change the world. Bet you didn’t think rock climbing or selling cookies would help you do all that, did you?