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When you unleash your inner G.I.R.L., you can accomplish anything!

Girl Scouts is the place where a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)TM can transform her ideas into action, turn her questions into adventure, and grow her confidence through practice. She can discover all she can be and do when she has the right tools and a safe space to shine. Together we can change the world.


Join a Girl Scout troop today! There are hundreds of troops welcoming new girls in grades K-12. Use the drop-down menus below to discover how your G.I.R.L. can participate in a Girl Scout troop.

To join a Girl Scout troop, complete the Get Started form, click Continue, and search for the troop using the provided troop number. Call us at 844-306-GSEM (4736) or email us at for assistance.

Daisy (girls in grades K or 1)
Meeting LocationFor Girls in GradesTroop OpeningsMeeting DayMeeting TimeTroop Number
ActonK1Sun 82426
Acton12Thurs1:00 PM62918
ActonK5Sat1:45 PM82428
AllstonK; 110TBD 82465
AmesburyK6Tue1:30 PM82306
AmesburyK8TBD 82305
AndoverK2TBD 82391
Andover13Fri3:15 PM62268
AndoverK; 1; 25Sun4:00 PM72400
Arlington11Fri02:30 PM82516
Arlington13Thurs6:00 PM82949
ArlingtonK6Sat11:30 AM82543
AshlandK2TBD 82054
Assonet14Mon6:00 PM76200
Assonet17TBD 62532
AuburnK; 12Wed06:30 PM82424
Ayer11Mon03:05 PM62356
BEDFORDK; 14Fri3:00 PM82392
BelmontK; 12Thurs 82109
BelmontK; 14Mon6:30 PM82108
Belmont15Thurs3:00 PM72117
Belmont15Tue3:15 PM82948
BEVERLYK5Mon5:30 PM82308
BeverlyK5Mon2:15 PM82561
BillericaK2Mon3:15 PM82005
Billerica13Thurs6:30 PM72151
BostonK; 15Fri6:00 PM82494
BostonK; 18Wed3:45 PM89169
BourneK; 12TBD 82145
Braintree12Thurs03:30 PM82271
BraintreeK3Wed 82269
Brewster17Wed3:00 PM82155
brockton13Fri4:30 PM62460
Brookline16Tue2:30 AM82512
burlingtonK6TBD 82085
Chelmsford14Mon3:30 PM82522
chelseaK; 16TBD 82471
Concord11TBD00:00 PM62363
DanversK1Sat11:30 AM82313
DanversK6TBD 82310
Dedham1; 23Mon6:00 PM62212
DedhamK4TBD 82347
Dracut14TBD 62366
Dunstable12Mon3:00 PM82524
DuxburyK1Thurs 82279
East Bridgewater14Thurs06:00 PM82725
East BridgewaterK10TBD 82727
East FalmouthK2Thurs6:30 PM82164
east Falmouth16Thurs6:30 PM62619
East FalmouthK8TBD 82178
East Freetown17TBD 62532
East FreetownK10TBD 82237
East Weymouth12Sun11:30 PM62741
Falmouth15Sun4:00 PM82179
FoxboroK2TBD 82052
Foxboro15Wed6:30 PM82350
Foxboro16TBD00:00 PM72362
Framingham15Mon2:30 PM62198
FRANKLIN13Thurs5:00 PM82077
FranklinK3Thurs6:00 PM82917
GrotonK6Fri5:00 PM82438
GrovelandK6TBD 82321
HanoverK2Fri04:00 PM82282
Hanson12Fri03:15 PM82063
Harwich1; 24Wed5:30 PM62614
HarwichK; 15Sun3:30 PM82159
Haverhill15Mon5:00 PM82400
HaverhillK7TBD 82399
Hingham17TBD 82288
Holbrook14Tue5:30 PM62450
HolbrookK5Thurs6:30 PM82290
HollistonK6Fri4:00 PM82057
Hudson16Thurs 62913
HullK1Sun10:30 AM82291
IpswichK5TBD 82323
IpswichK7TBD 82558
Jamaica PlainK; 15Fri6:00 PM82494
Kingston11Fri04:00 PM62923
KingstonK1Mon3:30 PM82172
LakevilleK; 14Thurs4:30 PM62130
Littleton12TBD 62407
LowellK4Mon6:00 PM82445
LowellK8TBD 82739
LynnK; 18Sat10:30 AM86297
LynnK9Tue5:30 PM82184
LynnK; 111Sat1:00 PM63863
LynnfieldK1TBD 82185
LynnfieldK10TBD 82186
MaldenK4Sun02:00 PM82189
MansfieldK10Mon05:00 PM82238
Marblehead11TBD 82194
MarbleheadK3TBD 82192
MarlboroughK9Fri4:30 PM82447
Marlborough110Fri4:30 PM62415
Marshfield12TBD 82294
MashpeeK; 16TBD 82163
Maynard13Sun3:00 PM62416
MedfieldK5TBD 82361
MedfordK1Wed01:35 PM82137
Medford15Tue06:00 PM62732
MedfordK7Mon06:00 PM82136
MedfordK8Tue03:45 PM82138
MedfordK8Sun 82698
MedwayK; 110TBD 82465
MelroseK1TBD 82195
MethuenK9TBD 82086
Middleboro15Thurs4:30 PM62922
MiddleboroK7Wed4:30 PM82171
Middleton110Thurs6:30 PM62656
Millis11Fri4:15 PM62225
Millis12Wed6:15 PM62224
NantucketK10TBD 82167
Natick12Fri3:15 PM62207
NatickK2Mon3:15 PM82363
NatickK2Tue6:00 PM82919
Needham17Sun10:30 AM82542
New Bedford18Wed4:30 PM62530
Newburyport14TBD 62902
NewburyportK6TBD 82328
NewtonK2Sat9:00 AM82120
Newton15TBD 82116
NorfolkK2TBD4:30 PM82053
Norfolk15TBD 82006
North Andover11TBD 62280
North AndoverK3TBD 82415
North Easton13Tue6:00 PM62890
North EastonK; 17Wed4:30 PM62529
North ReadingK3TBD 82416
North ReadingK3TBD 82417
nortonK5Mon05:00 PM82249
Norwood13Wed5:45 PM62905
Orleans17Wed3:00 PM82155
OrleansK; 111Thurs3:45 PM82157
PeabodyK9Wed3:30 PM82199
Plymouth11Fri04:00 PM62923
PlymouthK; 14Fri3:30 PM82505
PlymouthK; 17TBD 82506
PlymptonK; 16TBD 62627
quincy13Fri4:30 PM62460
RaynhamK1Tue6:30 PM82940
RaynhamK4Thurs6:00 PM82256
Reading11TBD 62259
ReadingK4Wed05:30 PM82423
ReadingK; 1; 25Sun4:00 PM72400
ReadingK5Fri04:00 PM82422
Reading19TBD 82932
RevereK; 16TBD 82471
Rockport11Tue4:30 PM62659
RoslindaleK; 12Sun10:30 AM82492
S Hamilton13Thurs3:00 PM82938
SagamoreK; 12TBD 82145
SaugusK; 19TBD 82208
Scituate11TBD 72301
ScituateK1Thurs03:15 PM82674
SharonK2TBD 82931
SomervilleK; 14Mon5:30 PM82000
South HamiltonK1TBD 82336
South Hamilton13Thurs3:00 PM82938
South WeymouthK15TBD 82680
StonehamK2TBD 82210
StonehamK3TBD 82209
StonehamK; 16Thurs; Fri3:00 PM82213
Stoneham17TBD 82943
StoughtonK3Tue3:30 PM82678
Stoughton18Wed06:00 PM62761
SudburyK2TBD 82454
SudburyK5TBD 82452
SudburyK6TBD 82453
Taunton12Thurs5:30 PM62539
TauntonK4Fri4:45 PM82055
TewksburyK3Thurs4:30 PM82083
TewksburyK6Wed4:30 PM82785
TyngsboroK7Mon06:00 PM82136
TyngsboroK7TBD 82456
WakefieldK; 12Sat01:00 PM82220
Wakefield12TBD 82221
WakefieldK7TBD 82219
Walpole18Sat10:00 AM82079
Waltham12Wed06:00 PM62725
WalthamK6TBD 82127
Waltham17Fri2:30 PM62743
WalthamK; 18Thurs6:00 PM62728
Watertown11Mon6:00 PM62978
Wellesley11Mon3:05 PM82073
Wellesley12Sun3:30 PM82022
Wellesley12Fri 82373
Wenham17TBD 82008
West Bridgewater13Mon6:00 PM62542
West HarwichK; 15Sun3:30 PM82159
West RoxburyK; 12Sun10:30 AM82492
West Roxbury17Sun10:30 AM82542
WEST TISBURYK; 17Tue4:00 PM66210
WestfordK3Mon2:00 PM82690
Westford16Mon3:15 PM82694
Weston12TBD 62721
WestwoodK2Fri5:30 PM82922
WhitmanK1TBD 82685
whitmanK7TBD 82684
WilmingtonK5Thurs4:30 PM82084
WinchesterK3Sun 82793
WinchesterK3Fri3:00 PM82794
WinchesterK; 18Sat10:00 AM72332
Woburn17TBD00:00 AM62968
Brownie (girls in grades 2 or 3)
Meeting LocationFor Girls in GradesTroop OpeningsMeeting DayMeeting TimeTroop Number
Acton22Tue6:00 PM62498
Andover31Tue2:45 PM69186
Andover31Wed6:00 PM79172
Andover34Wed4:00 PM72401
Arlington22Thurs5:30 PM82106
Ashland2; 31Fri6:30 PM82114
Ashland310Tue3:30 PM62487
Ayer26Mon3:00 PM62699
Belmont34Mon3:00 PM79207
Beverly21Fri2:15 PM82072
Beverly33Wed05:00 PM78000
Beverly2; 3; 4; 519Mon5:15 PM66277
billerica34Wed6:00 PM72222
Billerica37TBD 66042
Bourne2; 311Sun03:00 PM62911
Braintree38Fri6:00 PM89127
Braintree29TBD 82528
Brewster2; 33TBD 82039
Bridgewater21Thurs6:30 PM62143
Bridgewater21Tue06:30 PM82241
Brockton2; 37Thurs01:30 PM62524
Brookline21TBD 82026
Brookline39TBD 82545
Burlington34Fri4:30 PM72030
Buzzards Bay26Sun3:00 PM62034
Buzzards Bay27Sat9:00 AM62624
Cambridge2; 35Thurs6:00 PM82030
Carlisle22TBD 72104
Carver23Wed6:00 PM81786
Centerville2; 34Tue4:45 PM82150
Chatham33Mon4:15 PM80727
chelmsford23Fri4:00 PM82002
Chestnut Hill2; 31Thurs06:00 PM82024
Concord310TBD 69021
Danvers33Fri02:30 PM66324
Dedham39Wed3:15 PM72072
Dennis21Thurs6:00 PM69152
Derry36Wed3:00 PM62779
Dighton2; 31Sun1:00 PM76116
Dracut22Mon4:15 PM62681
Dracut29Mon6:00 PM82089
East Bridgewater24Fri6:00 PM82382
East Bridgewater311Mon5:45 PM62139
East Falmouth28Thurs6:30 PM66208
East freetown311Thurs4:30 PM62830
East Walpole34Sun1:00 PM69045
East wareham27Sat9:00 AM62624
Edgartown2; 313Mon4:30 PM66207
Fairhaven39Tue05:30 PM62893
Falmouth38TBD 62640
Foxboro35TBD 82915
Framingham21Sun1:30 PM62488
Framingham2; 33Tue3:30 PM69236
Framingham26Sun 82534
Framingham38Mon2:00 PM62463
Franklin27TBD 82533
Gloucester1; 23Mon4:00 PM62894
Gloucester25Wed4:00 PM82716
Grafton2; 33Tue3:30 PM69236
Halifax35Tue04:30 PM62678
Halifax36Sun2:30 PM79128
Hanover39Sun3:00 PM79140
Harwich2; 34TBD 82160
Haverhill24Mon6:00 PM62808
Haverhill2; 35TBD 82562
Hingham24Fri3:30 PM62301
Hopkinton37Fri2:30 PM62234
Hudson310Fri2:30 PM89242
Hull33Wed3:15 PM89141
Kingston26Thurs6:00 PM62602
Kingston38Wed5:30 PM69136
Lakeville2; 32Tue4:30 PM82239
Lakeville27Thurs4:30 PM82255
Lexington2; 31Fri6:30 PM82114
LexingtonK; 1; 2; 35Fri4:00 PM82122
Lowell22Mon4:15 PM62681
Lowell34Tue5:30 PM62695
Lowell25Mon06:00 PM82738
Lunenburg33Thurs2:30 PM62703
Lynn2; 311Sat10:30 AM86296
Lynn2; 314Sat1:00 PM62863
Lynnfield25TBD 62824
Malden33Fri6:00 PM62854
Manchester26Thurs5:30 PM62675
Mansfield32Wed4:00 PM86019
Mansfield34Thurs6:00 PM86015
Mansfield26Tue4:30 PM62533
Marblehead24TBD00:00 AM62946
marblehead26TBD 82017
Marlborough38Wed6:30 PM86219
Marlborough210Fri4:30 PM62471
Marlborough318Fri4:30 PM72345
Marshfield22Wed3:30 PM72187
Mashpee2; 37Fri6:00 PM62618
Mattapoisett25Tue5:30 PM62535
Maynard22Sat 72025
Medford21Sat11:00 AM72091
Medford34Sun1:30 PM72096
Medford36Fri2:15 PM72093
Medway31Mon; Fri5:30 PM69235
Melrose23Thurs2:45 PM62846
Melrose26Sun 62844
Methuen3; 48Sat12:30 PM68222
Middleton56Fri6:30 PM69115
Millis37Wed4:30 PM79240
Milton31Thurs06:00 PM82720
Nahant25Fri03:00 PM62809
Natick21Sun4:00 PM82803
Natick22Sat1:30 PM62383
Natick23Fri3:00 PM62398
Natick35Wed5:00 PM62386
Natick29TBD 82341
Needham21Sun02:45 PM62595
Needham25Thurs3:30 PM82517
Needham Heights21Sun02:45 PM62595
New Bedford2; 36Thurs6:00 PM62887
Newburyport29TBD 82717
Newton39Sun4:00 PM62738
Norfolk34Fri4:00 PM69044
North Andover31Wed 62805
North Andover25Tue3:30 PM89177
North Easton22Mon4:30 PM80369
North Easton26Tue4:30 PM82250
North Reading26Fri3:00 PM62798
Norton22Sun2:00 PM82253
Norwood39Wed3:15 PM72072
Norwood2; 312Fri4:30 PM62907
Oak Bluffs2; 313Mon4:30 PM66207
Osterville2; 34Tue4:45 PM82150
Peabody32Fri3:00 PM62989
Pembroke26Wed3:30 PM62293
Pembroke26Tue5:00 PM82666
Plymouth31Thurs3:30 PM62637
Plymouth32Wed11:30 AM62642
Plymouth23Thurs3:30 PM62017
Plymouth2; 34Tue6:30 PM82183
Plymouth2; 34Mon6:00 PM82511
Plymouth2; 35Sun3:00 PM62021
Quincy25Fri6:00 PM62257
Raynham22Wed6:00 PM82942
Reading22Sat10:00 AM62777
Reading36Wed3:00 PM62779
Rochester36Mon3:00 PM66129
Rockland22Thurs4:00 PM69144
Rockport29Thurs6:00 PM62960
S. Easton27Tue4:30 PM82242
Sagamore26Sun3:00 PM62034
Sagamore2; 311Sun03:00 PM62911
Salem21Tue2:30 PM62937
Salem24TBD00:00 AM62946
Salisbury211Wed4:30 PM72434
Scituate37Fri3:15 PM79131
Sharon38Sun2:15 PM76044
Shirley23Tue6:00 PM62707
SomervilleK; 1; 2; 35Fri4:00 PM82122
Somerville311Tue5:00 PM72047
South Chatham21Wed2:45 PM81144
South Easton26Tue4:30 PM82250
South Easton27Tue4:30 PM82242
South Walpole2; 35Wed3:30 PM82078
Stoneham25TBD 82799
Stoneham210TBD 82700
Stoughton27TBD 82679
Stow26Wed6:00 PM62428
Sudbury23TBD 62882
Sudbury25Sun4:00 PM62503
Sudbury36TBD 72340
swampscott35TBD 82560
Teaticket28Thurs6:30 PM66208
Tewksbury25Sun11:00 AM82786
Tyngsboro210Mon5:30 PM62696
Waban210TBD 82344
Wakefield38TBD 69009
Wakefield29Wed02:45 PM62843
Walpole34Sun1:00 PM69045
Walpole211TBD 62388
Waltham24TBD 82128
Waltham37TBD 66042
Wayland24Wed2:15 PM62579
Wellesley23Sun4:00 PM72210
Wellesley23TBD 82804
West Bridgewater25Tue6:00 PM69073
West Chatham21Wed2:45 PM81144
West Newbury32TBD 82934
West Newton39Sun4:00 PM62738
West Wareham2; 36Wed6:15 PM62117
West Yarmouth2; 34Wed5:15 PM62749
Westwood22TBD 82376
Weymouth36Fri4:30 PM79126
Winchester31TBD 79020
Winchester2; 317Sat12:30 PM76147
Woburn22Sun2:00 PM72098
woburn22Wed00:00 PM72390
Woburn33Sun4:00 PM72097
Junior (girls in grades 4 or 5)
Meeting LocationFor Girls in GradesTroop OpeningsMeeting DayMeeting TimeTroop Number
Acton53Sun3:00 PM78140
Acton45Sat0:00 PM62502
Andover54Wed4:15 PM68094
Andover55Thurs4:30 PM78180
Arlington3; 44Tue; Wed00:00 PM79202
Ashland55Fri2:30 PM82051
Bedford51Tue2:45 PM66164
Belmont43Fri6:00 PM69200
Belmont55Mon6:30 PM62090
Bourne4; 56Thurs06:00 PM62919
Bradford4; 52Tue4:00 PM88176
Braintree43Wed; Fri3:00 PM76065
Braintree56Thurs3:15 PM78204
Brewster44Thurs5:15 PM69148
Bridgewater53Thurs6:00 PM85476
Brockton54Fri04:00 PM82049
Brockton5; 65Sat9:30 AM79228
Brookline41TBD 82029
Bryantville49Wed04:00 PM76029
Burlington55Mon6:00 PM76249
Burlington56Wed2:45 PM69030
Buzzards Bay41TBD3:30 PM66117
Buzzards Bay4; 56Thurs06:00 PM62919
Cambridge4; 52Sat03:30 PM82112
Cambridge42Fri3:00 PM85076
Carver52Mon 68266
Carver46Mon4:00 PM80107
Chestnut Hill412TBD 82546
Concord57TBD 78045
Concord416TBD 66166
Danvers47Sat3:00 PM62930
Dartmouth57Wed4:45 PM80102
Dracut55Wed4:00 PM68095
East Falmouth510Thurs6:30 PM89161
East Sandwich52Thurs2:45 PM62070
Eastham4; 511TBD 82548
Everett4; 58Tue5:30 PM71095
Framingham54Sun5:30 PM79251
Framingham54Fri3:00 PM81342
Franklin43Sun6:00 PM80944
Georgetown44Mon; Sat3:30 PM72386
Gloucester58TBD 82009
Groton46Fri3:00 PM62422
Groveland51TBD 78013
Halifax44Fri2:45 PM86034
Harwich45Tue2:45 PM82158
Hingham3; 45Wed3:30 PM86071
Hingham411Wed3:30 PM89134
Holbrook4; 5; 6; 79Tue6:15 PM88208
Hull43TBD 66344
Hull56Sun2:00 PM88071
Lowell45Mon6:00 PM79088
Lowell5; 610Fri5:00 PM75443
Lynn4; 56Sat1:00 PM61863
Lynn4; 58Sat02:00 PM76132
Lynnfield53Sat 88147
Lynnfield46TBD 82559
Mansfield51Tue4:00 PM65463
Mansfield5; 69Wed3:30 PM68247
Marblehead55Wed06:15 PM76298
Marion56Wed4:30 PM62129
Marshfield411Wed6:00 PM69138
Mashpee52Fri5:30 PM75001
Mashpee411TBD 82018
Maynard54Thurs4:00 PM78055
Medford43Tue6:15 PM72094
Medford44Wed6:30 PM72102
Medford57Sat11:00 AM69166
Middleboro52Mon 68266
Middleboro44Mon6:00 PM81308
Millis45Thurs4:00 PM66339
Millis46TBD 66340
Milton44Sun11:30 AM66191
Milton4; 512Mon6:15 PM79220
N Easton47Tue4:00 PM62831
Needham44Wed6:20 PM69207
New Bedford56Tue06:00 PM68111
Newton44TBD 62739
Newton56Fri3:15 PM79194
Newton Hlds56Fri3:15 PM79194
Newtonville56Tue12:45 PM62570
North Easton56Fri4:30 PM80538
North Easton47Tue4:00 PM62831
North Reading58Tue3:45 PM62804
Norton52Sun1:00 PM78069
Norton43Sun2:30 PM86020
Peabody43Thurs4:30 PM76299
Peabody46Tue2:45 PM86213
Peabody57Tue4:00 PM78007
Pembroke51Mon 82060
Plymouth44Mon03:30 PM66019
Plymouth56Mon6:30 PM68068
Plymouth46Mon4:00 PM80107
Plympton58Mon02:30 PM62639
Raynham46Thurs6:30 PM66118
Reading46Tue2:45 PM86213
Reading410Fri4:00 PM76150
Reading512Wed1:00 PM85448
Revere3; 4; 5; 62Sat12:30 PM82042
Roslindale411TBD 82499
Salem47Sat3:00 PM62930
Salisbury4; 58Mon3:30 PM65442
Scituate45Tue4:00 PM66033
Somerville44Wed6:30 PM72102
Somerville4; 512TBD 82123
South Dennis45Tue2:45 PM82158
South Easton57Tue4:30 PM85102
Southborough52TBD 68053
Swampscott510Sun5:30 PM69000
Taunton45Fri4:30 PM79068
Teaticket510Thurs6:30 PM89161
Tewksbury44Thurs6:00 PM66307
Tewksbury58Tue6:15 PM79086
Tewksbury410Sun3:30 PM82741
Vineyard Haven4; 513Tue5:30 PM69146
Waban46TBD3:00 PM72118
Wakefield42Mon2:45 PM66176
Wakefield44Tue06:00 PM82224
Waltham4; 54Wed6:00 PM82544
Wayland51TBD 78052
Wellesley52Mon3:00 PM66062
Wellfleet4; 57Thurs3:30 PM62050
Winchester45Thurs2:30 PM72066
Winchester4; 56Sat02:30 PM76148
Winthrop44Mon; Sat3:30 PM72386
Woburn4; 57Thurs6:30 PM69036
Wyckoff57Sat11:00 AM69166
Cadette (girls in grades 6, 7, or 8)
Meeting LocationFor Girls in GradesTroop OpeningsMeeting DayMeeting TimeTroop Number
Ashland72Fri; Sat; Sun 85172
Assonet67Mon02:15 PM75167
Bedford6; 7; 82Fri2:00 PM71644
Beverly6; 7; 819Mon5:30 PM62963
Bridgewater63Mon5:00 PM76037
Brighton74Mon6:00 PM88277
Burlington63Fri7:00 PM88060
Burlington87Mon3:00 PM65000
Cambridge74Mon6:00 PM88277
Chartley78Sun3:00 PM75216
Chelmsford89TBD 82003
Cohasset7; 82Mon7:30 PM88288
Concord87Sun4:00 PM72029
Danvers64Tue6:15 PM69178
East Freetown69Mon6:00 PM89065
East Wareham85Tue5:15 PM81203
Everett7; 89Fri4:00 PM65452
Falmouth6; 7; 89TBD 72465
Foxboro67Tue6:15 PM76184
Framingham6; 75Sun2:00 PM78064
Framingham65Sun 87030
Framingham7; 87Mon6:00 PM75412
Framingham610TBD 75300
Franklin66Thurs6:30 PM62403
Georgetown710TBD 85146
Hanover77Thurs7:00 PM75055
Hanover87Thurs7:00 PM81800
Haverhill64Thurs4:00 PM61182
Haverhill65Wed4:30 PM65334
Haverhill6; 7; 87Tue6:00 PM60498
Hyde Park6; 7; 85Sat11:00 AM79677
Kingston76Fri4:00 PM81791
Lakeville69Mon6:00 PM89065
Littleton7; 86Fri6:00 PM85221
Littleton6; 7; 88Wed1:45 PM65221
Lynn6; 7; 810Sat03:00 PM64863
Lynn6; 7; 810Fri7:00 PM86298
malden69TBD 62185
Malden7; 89Fri4:00 PM65452
Mansfield63Tue5:00 PM65461
Marlborough910Fri4:30 PM75240
Maynard83TBD 65142
Medford74Fri7:00 PM65226
Medford819Sun 75198
Medway83Sun6:00 PM65351
Medway85TBD 74925
Medway88Sun6:00 PM74931
Melrose77TBD 65419
Methuen6; 7; 83Thurs4:30 PM85210
Middleboro84Sun4:00 PM75115
Middleboro6; 7; 811TBD 82033
Milton78Sat3:30 PM75349
Natick79Fri00:00 PM85127
New Bedford75Sat9:30 AM68123
New Bedford7; 8; 913Tue5:30 PM88115
Newton67Wed; Fri4:30 PM82117
North Easton78Fri4:30 PM80580
North Reading66Fri4:00 PM65456
Norton63Thurs6:30 PM85390
Norton78Sun3:00 PM75216
Peabody610Tue4:00 PM75287
Pembroke64Wed6:00 PM65126
Quincy6; 73Fri7:00 PM65472
Quincy67Tue5:30 PM78281
Randolph74Sat12:00 PM75396
Revere4; 5; 6; 75Wed4:45 PM68132
Sagamore6; 75Wed6:00 PM65316
Sagamore Beach6; 7; 85Wed4:45 PM80739
Sagamore Beach6; 710TBD0:00 PM86202
Sandwich86Fri7:00 PM81258
Sharon610Sun4:00 PM65295
South Easton78Fri4:30 PM80580
Southborough710TBD 85004
Stoughton86TBD 73408
Sudbury79Wed; Fri00:00 PM65254
Taunton73Fri5:30 PM85115
Vineyard Haven6; 7; 89TBD 72465
Wakefield810Fri6:30 PM77395
Wareham85Tue5:15 PM81203
Wayland77Fri2:30 PM75012
Wellesley6; 7; 859Sun5:30 PM73505
Wenham5; 68Mon4:00 PM69110
Westford86Sun4:30 PM62094
Westwood73Sun3:00 PM65135
Weymouth610Sun4:00 PM66068
Winchester6; 7; 816Wed7:00 PM77025
Woburn64Tue7:00 PM75266
Woburn69TBD 62185
Senior/Ambassador (girls in grades 9-12)
Meeting LocationFor Girls in GradesTroop OpeningsMeeting DayMeeting TimeTroop Number
Arlington93Fri7:00 PM68141
Chelmsford125Fri4:00 PM66139
Concord125TBD 72694
Danvers108TBD 72310
Dunstable98Sun6:00 PM62007
East Falmouth9; 107TBD 80518
Framingham92Thurs3:30 PM72106
Framingham9; 1010Tue4:30 PM72084
Framingham10; 117Sun 72082
Georgetown106Thurs6:30 PM66856
Halifax10; 11; 126Wed6:30 PM75262
Haverhill11; 123Tue6:00 PM61498
Holliston9; 106Mon7:00 PM72249
Hopkinton9; 1010Fri6:00 PM72211
Hopkinton122TBD 72233
Hull108TBD00:00 PM74799
Hull1111Fri7:00 PM74015
Littleton97Wed11:45 AM62024
Mansfield98Wed3:30 PM80901
Marblehead1210Sun5:00 PM66622
Marlborough66TBD 72409
Medway11; 1224Thurs6:30 PM68284
Medway124Tue6:30 PM73376
Methuen102Tue6:00 PM63204
Middleboro97Sun6:00 PM80108
Millis101Sat3:00 PM73370
Millis9; 105Wed7:00 PM74951
Natick93Fri 72293
Natick109Fri3:30 PM72546
Norfolk125Sun1:00 AM74762
North Easton9; 106Wed6:00 PM80566
North Easton10; 11; 123Fri7:00 PM81221
North Reading129Sun10:00 AM73891
Norwood11; 1216Sun4:30 PM74231
Plymouth108Wed7:00 PM81264
Quincy96Fri5:30 PM85383
Quincy109Wed6:30 PM74154
Quincy9; 1014Tue4:00 PM74137
Quincy11; 128Sun6:00 PM74120
Quincy10; 11; 1211Tue3:00 PM74165
Raynham104Thurs6:30 PM80430
South Easton9; 106Wed6:00 PM80566
South Yarmouth11; 127Mon6:00 PM81219
Stoneham118Fri; Sat6:00 PM71383
Stow113Fri4:00 PM72502
Taunton116Fri5:30 PM85309
Tyngsboro9; 10; 11; 1214Sun6:30 PM60916
Wakefield108TBD6:30 PM71460
Westwood1018Sun6:00 PM74101
Weymouth10; 11; 1211Tue3:00 PM74165
Winchester104TBD 71497
Multi-Level (mix of levels in one troop)
Meeting LocationFor Girls in GradesTroop OpeningsMeeting DayMeeting TimeTroop Number
Acton6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 1210Thurs7:15 PM72001
Amesbury4; 5; 610Fri5:30 PM82715
Beverly7; 812Thurs5:45 PM75146
Boston1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 121Tue3:30 PM65319
Boston1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 1230Sun2:15 PM79261
Boston6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 129TBD 79350
Boxborough6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 1210Thurs7:15 PM72001
Brewster6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 113Wed6:30 PM80770
Brighton6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 124Mon6:15 PM79066
Cambridge2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 1014TBD 71313
CambridgeK; 1; 2; 3; 4; 54Thurs03:45 PM72369
CantonK; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 123Sat10:00 AM72132
Chelmsford6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 1213Sun6:00 PM60380
Derry3; 43Fri6:30 PM62806
Dorchester4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 1211Sun12:30 PM66082
Dracut4; 5; 6; 7; 810Thurs5:30 PM62723
Dracut4; 51Sat; Sun2:00 PM76209
Everett6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 125Tue5:30 PM71088
FraminghamK; 1; 2; 3; 4; 53Fri1:30 PM85458
Franklin1; 27Tue2:45 PM62254
Franklin9; 10; 11; 1210Mon; Thurs7:00 PM80637
Gloucester1; 2; 36Fri5:00 PM62950
Harwich6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 113Wed6:30 PM80770
Haverhill3; 4; 517TBD4:00 PM61458
Haverhill4; 5; 6; 7; 89Sat2:00 PM66175
Hyde Park1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 123Sat1:30 PM70957
Hyde Park5; 6; 718Mon6:00 PM72133
Jamaica Plain5; 6; 718Mon6:00 PM72133
Jamaica Plain1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 1230Sun2:15 PM79261
Lawrence8; 95Fri6:00 PM85331
LexingtonK; 1; 2; 32Tue3:30 PM72059
Littleton3; 4; 52Mon5:30 PM61150
Lowell4; 5; 6; 7; 810Thurs5:30 PM62723
Lowell8; 95Fri6:00 PM85331
Lynn9; 10; 11; 1213Sat3:00 PM60863
Lynn2; 3; 4; 512Sun2:00 PM62942
Lynn3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 127TBD 69014
Lynn2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 1014TBD 71313
MaldenK; 1; 2; 3; 4; 520Sat12:30 PM71139
Mansfield9; 10; 11; 1216Wed4:00 PM80372
MedfordK; 1; 2; 3; 4; 520Sat12:30 PM71139
Methuen5; 6; 7; 83Sat12:30 PM76304
Middleboro1; 28Tue6:00 PM82019
Millis6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 129TBD7:00 PM62525
Nantucket1; 26Wed2:30 PM62621
Nantucket3; 416Wed4:30 PM86110
New Bedford6; 95Sun3:00 PM79079
New Bedford8; 9; 10; 11; 129Tue6:00 PM80400
Newburyport6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 1243TBD 82071
Newton1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 121Tue3:30 PM65319
North Dartmouth8; 9; 10; 11; 129Tue6:00 PM80400
Peabody3; 45Fri6:00 PM76125
Roslindale5; 6; 718Mon6:00 PM72133
Roslindale9; 10; 11; 1216Sat3:00 PM79857
RoxburyK; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 828Sat12:30 PM62179
Roxbury1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 123Sat1:30 PM70957
Sagamore7; 8; 9; 10; 114Wed6:00 PM65331
Sagamore Beach9; 10; 11; 128Fri7:00 PM80826
Salem7; 8; 98Sat1:30 PM60036
Salem2; 3; 4; 512Sun2:00 PM62942
Salem2; 3; 4; 51Tue03:00 PM72109
Sandwich9; 10; 11; 128Fri7:00 PM80826
Shirley6; 7; 8; 114Tue2:00 PM73497
ShrewsburyK; 1; 2; 3; 4; 53Fri1:30 PM85458
Stoneham5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 1211Fri6:00 PM71420
Sudbury2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 127Fri6:30 PM73848
Taunton4; 5; 6; 7; 83Mon4:45 PM62540
Taunton3; 4; 513Fri4:30 PM86107
Tyngsboro8; 9; 108Mon6:00 PM62084
Waltham6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 1211Thurs3:15 PM71984
Wellesley9; 10; 11; 1215Sun6:00 PM73200
WestboroughK; 1; 2; 3; 4; 53Fri1:30 PM85458
Whitman6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 1210Wed5:00 PM80683
Winchester9; 10; 11; 1216Mon7:30 PM77026

Can't find a troop opportunity in your town? Click on a shaded map region to get in touch with a recruitment specialist who will help you find a Girl Scout troop. Or, click Request More Info below for a recruitment specialist to contact you.

If you have a troop number and are ready to register for Girl Scouts, click the Join Today button below to search for an online listing of Girl Scout troops.

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Who can join Girl Scouts?

Membership in Girl Scouts is open to all girls in grades K-12. Women and
men over 18 can join as adult members to volunteer.

What do Girl Scouts do?

Most Girl Scouts become part of a troop (a group of 10-15 girls with adult
volunteers) and meet regularly throughout the year. Troops meet 1-2
times per month for about an hour with some activities being longer
(e.g. a field trip or overnight).

Are there fees to join Girl Scouts?

The annual Girl Scout membership fee is $40 for girls and $25 for adults
(financial aid is available). Many troops collect dues and participate in
the Girl Scout Cookie Program to help cover the cost of badges, books,
and activities throughout the year.


Perguntas frequentes

Quem pode ingressar nas escuteiras?

Associação nas escuteiras é aberta a todas as meninas com 5 anos para 18 anos. Mulheres e homens a partir dos 18 anos podem participar como membros adultos voluntários.

O que as Escuteiras fazem?

A maioria das Escuteiras torna-se membro de uma tropa (um grupo de 10 a 15 meninas com voluntários adultos), que se reúne regular mente durante todo o ano. As tropas reúnem-se 1 a 2 vezes por mês por algumas horas, com algumas atividades tendo maior duração (por exemplo, uma excursão ao campo ou por um pernoite).

Qual é a taxa para ingressar nas Escuteiras?

A taxa anual de associação nas Escuteiras é de $40 para meninas e $25 para adultos (subsídio financeiro disponibilizado). Muitas tropas recolhem cotas e participam do programa de biscoitos Escuteiras para ajudar a cobrir os custos com distintivos, livros, e atividades durante todo o ano.


Preguntas más frecuentes

¿Quién puede ingresar en Girl Scouts?

La afiliación está abierta a todas las niñas en los grados K-12. Mujeres y hombres que tienen más de 18 años pueden ser voluntarios.

¿Qué hacen las Girl Scouts?

La mayoría de las Girl Scouts se convierten en parte de una tropa (un grupo de 10-15 niñas con adulto voluntarios) y se reúnen regularmente durante el año. Las tropas se unen más o menos 1-2 veces por mes, normal mente por una hora con algunas actividades que son más largas (por ejemplo un viaje de campo).

¿Hay cuotas para ingresar en la Girl Scouts?

La cuota anual de Girl Scouts es $40 para las niñas y $25 por adultos (ayuda financiera está disponible). Muchas tropas cobran adicionales y participan en el programa de galleta para ayudar cubrir los costos de las insignias, libros, y actividades durante todo el año.

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Questions? Call us at 844-306-GSEM (4736) or email us at Para información en Español llame al 844-306-4736.